Open Baffle Speakers are Boxless Speakers. They are open and honest and when done right, they fill the room with music in the most natural way.

Designed with music in mind, all our speakers are voiced to an organic and musically enjoyable listening experience, always emotionally moving and never fatiguing.

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Featuring a carefully designed chassis and select components from which all models are born. User choices cover drivers, baffles, cables, even crossovers parts; all easily interchangeable and upgradeable giving the user the freedom to explore multiple models, and sonic options.

A Cross-Genre Music Experience


Over the years we see again and again how deep and diverse music libraries of our customers are. This diversity and lasting customers satisfaction is our real-life-award for the speakers ability to reproduce a faithful and engaging music experience.

“… these speakers demonstrated they could be elegant and graceful, yet at the same time, they were dynamic and exciting. They gave me a great introspective look into a classical music performance. Then, when switching to a gritty, angry, industrial rock song, they perfectly replicated a highly distorted electric guitar. It sounds funny to say that they “accurately reproduced distortion!” However, it speaks to the “do-anything” character of these speakers and their ability to faithfully reproduce any genre of music…” 

Drew Gagliano, The Audio Beatnik Magazine.

PureAudioProject & Industry Members


Since the launch of our first Trio15 in 2014, our speakers drew the attention of leading industry members. PSVANE, Line Magnetic, Shunyata Research, Pass Labs, VPI Industries, Denafrips, Grado, Esprit Cables, Furnace Records and more are using PureAudioProject speakers at their factories, showrooms, homes and audio shows.

“…the Duet15 is able to produce and reveal the sound quality of the equipment changes distinctly. Steve shared a similar experience too… I am very happy with the Duet15. It is way beyond my expectations” 

Alvin Chee, Denafrips 


PureAudioProject is an online direct sales company. We have no dealers or distributors and these cost savings are rolled to our customers. Almost all our customers’ purchase decisions were based on research, the experience of other customers, and intuition. We highly appreciate this trust and are proud of scoring an unprecedented return rate that is close to none for almost ten years. Customers’ satisfaction and their years of lasting joy with music is our true award.

”Well, I’m now the proud owner of these wonderful speakers!  My god, how good does it get?!… Drums sound like drums, pianos sound like pianos, etc., etc., etc. I have to listen to my whole library again!”, 

“I thought it appropriate, on the one month anniversary of the receipt of the Trio15 Classic, to write you for a couple of reasons. Firstly to say what a wonderful experience it was working with you both through the ordering and receiving of these speakers and secondly to tell you how pleased and thrilled I am with their performance… they produce a truly glorious sound, the mid range is silky smooth and so effortless… They have a style, a chic style, that belies the strength and power they possess.  Quite a remarkable speaker, without a doubt.”, 

“I must say now the soundstage is as deep as I have ever heard and cannot tell where the speakers are. I’m in an atmospheric bubble…”, 

“After having the Trio 15 Horn 1 for about 3 years now, I won’t be able to go back to box speakers”, 


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