‘SoulNote’ SA710 Amp makes a great match and brings our Trio15TB Neo to Finland

Modesty is a rare quality in audio business but the SoulNote SA710 amp is indeed a great example for it, and on a very high sonic standard!

This ‘modest’ 10w Japanese solid state amp is a true sonic bliss ! Based on the classic Marantz design, the SoulNote SA710 plays music ! and does it so beautiful and complete with the Trio15TB Neo…

This unique sonic match led us to cooperate with Nippon HiFi (SoulNote EU importer in Finland) at upcoming shows in Europe (see below), and the good news for our friends in Finland are that our Trio15TB Neo is now available for auditioned at Nippon HiFi !

We were indeed surprisingly impressed by this unique amp and adopted it as our reference buy viagra sildenafil online gear, but it seems we weren’t the only ones. Here is a quote from Stuart Smith’s review at HiFi Pig: “I’ll be honest and say that, given I had never heard of the SoulNote brand, I was fully expecting  sending this back without review, but as I plumbed it in for the first time and turned it on there was a “crikey this sounds pretty decent” moment that happens once in a while with review kit – sometimes it’s the other way round and stuff goes straight back without a word being said other than “thanks, but no thanks…”, complete review

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