Quintet10 Horn2

“I wanted to share my journey with other users, please help to share how great Quintets 10 is.

I have finally found a speaker that I can keep and enjoy the music.
Quintets 10 Horn 2 is the only speaker that has been staying with me for more than 6 months and it will be a keeper in my system.

Audiophile’s journey of finding the right speaker was very rough and long for me to find the right pair that I am not bothered by it but can enjoy the music.   That is how significant PAP Quintets 10 is to me.

Just to make a list of speakers that I went through last 3 years.
Revel Studio 2, Magnepan 1.7i& 3.7i, Dynaudio Heritage special, Amphion 7LS, Buchardt 400 Signature, PMC DB1, ATC SCM 19&40, Lawrence audio Eagle, JBL S4700, Devore Gibbons 8, ESA Neo SE, SBacoustics ARA, ELAC UF5, ElAC BS 244.2, Dynaudio Xeo 6, GML Field Coil (full range).

Okay, I think you get my point.   Other than the things listed that I have owned. I have listened to many more to date.

PAP Quintet10 is the most well-rounded, crazy deep 3D staging, details, voice, oh the trumpets, and the horns from this speaker. Speaker does an amazing job with the start, stop, and is very musical at the same time.   I hope some of you guys will experience it.

Other than just being the best speakers, I love the fact that I can play with XO parts and wires so easily.   It helps to understand more about speakers and what I need to do to make things better.

The only regret is; I didn’t take the chance earlier of going for PAP open baffle with the endless configuration possibilities.

If you are on a similar journey as I am going through, hope this sharing stops the chase and saves time by going with PAP.    You will never get bored of it, always can change and update things, and will be new eye-opening.

Thx again for sharing the good tips on upgrade Ze’ev and always being helpful too.”

Customer, Tim, Singapore

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