Quintet15 Horn1

“Dear Zeèv,

last weekend 200 hours running in time was complete. I take two days more, but you are right, time over 200 hours makes no big dfferences more.
Than I remodel my electronical componemts in the room, and for this I must put of the components out of shelves. All components are set up on Center Stage from Critical Mass.
Very good feets, but they need around one week to set again, so I must wait one week more. 
Now all is finished and the Quintet is playing in my living room (fotos I send in afternoon).
I started with 0.5 m from left and right wall, and 0.8 m from wall behind (0.75 m inside and 0.85 m outside). The distance from seat to speaker is about 3.0 m.
Zeèv, congratulation for this fantastic speaker. It wasn`t a mistake to buy without to hear. At first I am very happy with the sound. Especially the Horn1 sounds wonderfull.
A lot of listening criteria are better as with the XXXXXXXX before. No big impact from listening room to speakers sound.”

Customer, CH

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