Trio15 TB


Eldon here, from Canada.

Thought I would share my story of how I acquired my pair of Trio15TBs.

The Trio15TBs in the picture were the first set of PureAudioProject speakers brought to North America. They were on a North American tour and I saw them at the Toronto Audio Fest in October of 2014. The room I popped into were showcasing these speakers as well some amplifiers AND they had a pair of Reference 3A Grand Veena BE Speakers in the room. These were the exact same speakers I had at home. Hmmm, what’s going on in this room? Well, the Grand Veena’s were there just as an A/B for the Trio’s. So a quick listening to the Grand Veena’s. Not bad I thought. I asked the presenters ‘What are those other speakers here?’ Well, that is what they were showing off at the show-a pair of Trio’s. So a listen to my speakers – then, a switch to the Trio’s. Well, my jaw dropped! The Trio’s were incredible! I listened a little while longer and had then switch back and forth. Every time the Trio’s were far superior. Then, the big question-price? They were half the price of my Grand Veena’s! And they were for sale at the show! I talked to the distributor in Canada who was there and bought them on the spot! (Had to wait until the end of the show to pick them up although!) Thanks to Ze’ve for helping my get them out! Got them home and fell in live with them. Ended up changing out my 2-channel digital equipment for tubes. I have been an audiophile for quite some time and had been going through upgrade phases of all my equipment over time. My current 2-channel system currently consists of 2 OTL tubes amplifiers hand built by Peter Mcallister of McAllister Audio in Barrie Ontario. Each amp outs out 195w opure class A power. The preamp was also built by him. These are absolutely incredible and drive these speakers amazingly. Took a friend and me a couple of hard listening sessions to get the speakers dialed in in my room. My ceiling is 9’ with a wall/door on the right and open on the left, so the toe-in’s are different. But the imaging now is fantastic. The rest of my 2-channel equipment consists of a Roon Nucleus server and a Wyred 4 Sound 2v2SE Dac. Wiring is from Morrow Audio. (The wall speakers and other equipment in my rack is for multi-channel music and watching movies & TV. I have a Marantz SR7012 receiver with Monitor Audio speakers, Revel B15a sub running 5.1.4 Atmos.) I must say, after many years of changing/upgrading equipment, I have finally settled into this combination and I am super happy! Peter McAllister has been over numerous times to have a listen and he is super impressed. He is a big electrostatic fan and he says these are the best ‘cone & dome’ speakers he had every heard! Well, keep up the good work PureAudioProject. Hope one day to can stop in for a visit!

~Eldon Doucet

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