Adding Grado Cartridge to our Show Setup !

June 14, 2023

Grado Sonata 3 Joins our Pacific Audio Fest 2023 Setup

While getting ready for the Pacific Audio Fest 2023 (23-25 June), we are spinning LPs and trying to choose the ones we will cary to the show.
Our current vinyl setup back home features the VPI Industries Prime turntable with Grado AEON 3 cartridge.
I personally love the sound of this cartridge so much that I contacted John Chen from Grado and asked him if he’d like to add a Grado cartridge to our show setup.
John is an owner of our Duet15 so he knows what is our sonic DNA. It didn’t take him more than few seconds to give us a go and to suggest that we use their Moving Iron Sonata3 cartridge!
John feels that the Sonata 3  will be the best match to the analog gear we are planning to use at PAF this year, that is: our Trio15 w/ Coax10 Canter Driver and Silversmith Internal Wiring, Linear Tube Audio Z40 Integrated amp with MM/MC Phono Input, and VPI Industries Scout turntable
Sonata 3 Cartridge was sent to us on the next day and we simply can’t wait playing it in Seattle!
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