Caps Mix on Leonidas XO, Trio15 Voxativ

Here is another swap option coming from Arold, a customer in Netherlands.

“Had several people listening to the speakers, but also for the LM 219. They are/were impressed with both.


I did a change on the filter: replaced the one big cap with: a mix of Jantzen Audio Superior Z-Cap / 2x Mundorf MCap EVO Oil / Intertechnik Audyn Cap Reference …. big difference. The biggest difference for me was the bass ….. massive. If you get the chance … and have the time …. try it! 

This is what i use:

1x Jantzen Audio Superior Z-Cap 22uF / 800VDC 
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2x Mundorf MCap EVO Oil 22uF / 450VDC 

1x Intertechnik Audyn Cap Reference 1,5uF / 600VDC 

1x Cornell Dubilier bypass cap van 0,01uF / 3000VDC

I managed to screw it all on the filter …. looks a bit like a … mess! 

The blog is a very good idea …. i think it will make clear that tuning a speaker … esp. yours because it is sooo easy to do  .. is a nice hobby. 
Best Regards,


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