The Trio15 Classic is an interpretation of our Trio15 audio design in a unique, elegant, pre-build open baffle enclosure.

Trio15 Classic has it all, a timeless look, life-like music presentation, huge soundstage, warmth, transparency, superb clarity and beautiful sonic finesse; but above all, it plays ‘music’ more than they play ‘sound’.

“I’ve been changed by these speakers… That kind of air moving power energizes  the room in a completely different way…The fastest, cleanest bass I ever heard in my room… They Liberate the Music”

Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophiliac

“These speakers demonstrated they could be elegant and graceful, yet at the same time, they were dynamic and exciting. They gave me a great introspective look into a classical music performance. Then, when switching to a gritty, angry, industrial rock song, they perfectly replicated a highly distorted electric guitar. It sounds funny to say that they “accurately reproduced distortion!” However, it speaks to the “do-anything” character of these speakers and their ability to faithfully reproduce any genre of music…”

Drew Gagliano, The Audio Beatnik Magazine.

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For realistic and no-fatigue music experience


For effortless and dynamic sonic performances with any amplification


For reliable music reproduction and overall seamless sonic blend

Starting at $7,990

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Trio15 Classic features the same physical dimensions and audio components as our modular Trio15. However, it features an elegantly curved ready-made ‘Classic’ enclosure that doesn’t require any assembly. It is designed for two Voxativ center drivers, the AC-1.6 and AC-PiFe.


Full range drivers

Full range drivers are known for their rich, organic and musically engaging presentation. Being built with one motor (magnet system) and one membrane, there is no shift in phase nor in sonic signature all the way from the low mids to the very highs. Also, there is no need to cross two drivers with different sonic signatures in a critical listening frequency zone.

Voxativ AC-1.6

a classic full-range driver, with Ferrite motor and light Japanese paper cone.

The AC-1.6 build quality is simply top-notch and it offers a truly emotionally moving music experience. Smooth and full-body, transparent and airy, with all the resolution and clarity, this driver is a ‘classic’ and a ‘no-hesitation’ choice for Trio15.

Voxativ AC-PiFe

Wood Cone Ferrite Driver.

This unique driver adds to all the features of AC-1.6 an unprecedented sense of sonic-mass and realism. Instruments and vocals not only ‘sound great’ but also are ‘physically felt’. The music experience with AC-PiFe in Trio15 is simply addicting!


OB-A15Neo are our proprietary audiophile grade, high-resolution 15″ woofers. They were designed specifically  for Open Baffle and for PureAudioProject in co-operation with Eminence. The OB-A15NEO are extremely light and fast response drivers that are not only field proven and great performers of deep bass, but they also play full body midrange and integrate smoothly with fast and refined drivers that are used in the different Trio15 models. 

“Well well… the deep bass coming out of these speakers, it’s not just that is a deep and ‘feeling it in your chest’ thing; yeah, I felt that before, but the speed of these woofers is just in another class from everything else, it just is. Yeah, I’ve never heard anything quite like that in this room”

Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophiliac


The Trio15 Classic features our first-order series short-path crossover. All components are audiophile-grade, made by Mundorf in Germany and are mounted on to golden screw terminals. Components can be easily swapped to evaluate various brands, types and even values, to enjoy the process, or to fine tune your speakers to your personal sonic preference, room acoustics and favorite audio gear.


  • True Point Source D’appolito Design
  • Sensitivity > 96db (in a typical room).
  • Nominal Impedance: 8ohm.
  • Frequency Range: 29-32hz to 20Khz (in a typical room).
  • Drivers: see above: About Trio15 Components.
  • Crossovers: see above: About Trio15 Components.
  • Typical distance from rear wall: 2-4′ (60-120cm)
  • Distance from side walls: Any
  • Size: W:54cm H:125cm D:27cm | W:21.25″ H:49.4″ D:10.63″
  • Weight: starts at 55lb/25kg


“With the Trio15 Classic speakers playing, my room became the venue… Numerous times I would walk into the room with the intent of evaluating the speaker only to have the session derailed by my desire to just listen to music… These speakers are not one the kind that put you on the mixing board and deconstructs the music. This speaker puts you squarely in Row 10 of the performance. That’s close enough to enjoy musical details but far enough back to understand how it all works together. It is a speaker that presents the music as an amalgamation of notes, tones, and harmonics whose sum is greater than the parts that make it up.”

Ken Redmond, The AudioBeatnik

“Ze’ev/Thomas, I thought it appropriate, on the one month anniversary of the receipt of the Classics, to write you both for a couple of reasons.  Firstly to say what a wonderful experience it was working with you both through the ordering and receiving of these speakers and secondly to tell you how pleased and thrilled I am with their performance. I ran them for 2 full weeks, 7 X 24, before sitting down to listen to them seriously .. they produce a truly glorious sound, the mid range is silky smooth and so effortless.  I really want to use the word languid to express how they sound but that word has connotations of laziness which is certainly not appropriate.  They have a style, a chic style, that belies the strength and power they possess.  Quite a remarkable speaker, without a doubt. Suffice it to say that the “shelter in place”  has been made easier as I work my way through my music collection ..  Thank you again .. stay safe.”

Customer, FL, USA

“I am very satisfied with the speakers. I have already reached 80 hours of use, and I have perceived a significant evolution, especially in the low frequencies. I have tested different types of amplification: hybrid (Acoustic Plan Sitar integrated amplifier), pure class A valve amp (Mastersound Compact 845), solid state in class A (Valvet E2se Single Ended Special Edition) and solid state in class A/B (Audionet Watt integrated amplifier). With all of them the speakers sound magnificently.You should be proud of your creation. Enjoy life!.”

Customer, Spain

Steve Guttenberg been changed by Trio15 Classic” (Review)
Denafrips Terminator DAC playing with the Trio15 Classic (min 2:1)
Best of 2019 (min 16:44)
Speakers Hall of Fame (min 13:00)


The Trio15 Classic has a unique out-of-the-box, ready-made Open Baffle Enclosure, to where you will install the Woofers, the Center Drivers and the Crossovers.
Shipped separately to minimize the chance for shipping damage.

Assembly is breeze simple and the only tools needed are an Allen key (for the speakers) and a screwdriver (for the crossover).

All components are made in the USA and Europe, sold and shipped directly to our customers.

Starting at $7,990

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