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Trio10 w/ Heil AM

Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophiliac reviewed the Mola Mola amps and used the Trio10 w/ HeilAMT. Her referred to them in depth from min.: 08:34.

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Trio10 w/ HeilAMT

“As for the sound, all the great accolades you’ve read over the past decade about the PureAudioProject open baffle speakers are true! And now with an AMT tweeter for the uppermost frequencies, the highs are without a doubt some of the very best I heard during FIAE 2024. With a very lifelike midrange that captivates the ear, of course, the highs are smooth, seriously fast, and clean, with the bass being tight and tuneful…”, Steven R. Rochlin

Trio15 w/ Coax10

by Ken Redmond, on Michael Fremer’s TrackingAngle

“The PureAudioProject Trio15 Coax generates an engaging, compelling and fun listening experience. Instruments have a realistic density as the speaker builds the music to the extremes from its excellent upper bass/ midrange. It throws a vast room-filling sound field, is dynamically expressive, and demands that you pay attention to the music. It “plays the room” and offers up a “you are there” perspective versus one that’s “they are here.”…”


Duet15 Prelude

Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophiliac, Reviews on YouTube

“the speakers that put me thru some serious changes… recordings are just coming alive in my room… It sounds like the music is just set free… I think I am in love…”

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Why I’m changing my REFERENCE speakers to the Duet15

PureAudioProject Duet15 Prelude, Game Changer

Quintet15 w/ Voxativ AC-1.6

A follow up review by Pete Davey who upgraded our Trio15 Voxativ that he reviewed few months ago to Quintet15.

“What we have here is an amalgamation of parts that truly turns itself into a very pleasing / cohesive sound that is hard to beat for the price. Almost all of the punch of a (albeit smaller) box speaker, the accuracy and speed of a ribbon, and the soundstage of a dipole. I have played just about every music genre one can think of at these things, and they handle it all with aplomb.”

“What can I say more about these that I haven’t already covered in the Trio review? They are more of everything! Volume, heft, SPL, and stature. If that is what you’re looking for—you came to the right place.”

Read the complete review: Pete Davey, Positive Feedback, May 2022


Trio15 Coax10

In Depth Review by Doug Schroeder

“Everyone in the speaker business is trying to make a musical speaker, which is a descriptor not very enlightening to the buyer. Various speakers that are claimed to be musical can vary radically in their technology and sound quality. Having said that, it is helpful to a degree to distinguish between a speaker that is precise, revealing, or uncolored versus one that strikes the ear as more organic, warm, and fatigue-free. These general distinctions are often upheld in assessment of different genres and brands of speakers. Rarely one sees that divergence when a company offers distinct models of speakers, as is the case with PureAudioProject.”

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Duet15 Prelude

In Depth Review by Gary Beard

“Although Ze’ev Schlik says the Duet 15 Prelude could be a stepping stone, its performance in the Tune Saloon clearly demonstrated the Voxativ equipped Duet is anything but entry-level. It could certainly be an end-game for many. I’ll say this without hesitation: The Duet 15 Prelude is a first-rate loudspeaker that tickled every single personal sonic-fancy.”

“For all its outward simplicity, the Duet 15 Prelude’s sonic quality is quite complex. It is dynamic, with a lightning fast attack. Resolution of fine detail is excellent, and tonal color is strikingly lifelike at times. The Duet also gets high marks for an amazing ability to construct a believable image, and set those images into a wide stage.”

“During my time with the Duet, I listened to almost every genre of music. And while some speakers are more capable with one type of music or another, the Duet sounded sterling with them all.”

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Quintet15 Horn1

In Depth Review by Doug Schroeder (after reviewing the Trio15 Horn1 and other models in the last 6 years)

“The Trio15 was my first go at a hybrid horn speaker, and I shared how elated I was to capture the peculiarities of such designs and employ the strengths in various systems. The Quintet15 has added to the fascination and ebullience of the horn speaker experience. With the Quintet15, the performance of the Trio15 has been enhanced with a grander scale and better tonal and output integration with the woofers. The Quintet15’s strength is in its easygoing blanket of bass and tight phantom image with its own lovely umbra. Reviewers often opine about whether a particular speaker could be appreciated (that is, used/owned) long term, or even forever. The Quintet15 is that sort of speaker, one that will not exhibit great shortcomings and would make proud all but the most well-heeled audiophiles. PureAudioProject has outdone themselves quite purposefully, and those who love open baffle sound, as well as Trio15 owners, should strongly consider the Quintet15 Horn1 as the proper upgrade.”

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Trio15 Classic

In Depth Review by Ken Redmond from Audio Beatnik

“The sound from the Trio15 Classics yielded depth, tonal balance,  and a relaxed yet detailed presentation of the music that I rarely hear in show settings. I knew at that point that I was destined to audition/review these speakers…”

Read Part 1, Trio15 Classic

“with the open baffle Trio15 Classic speakers playing, my room became the venue”

“Numerous times I would walk into the room with the intent of evaluating the speaker only to have the session derailed by my desire to just listen to music.”

“These are speakers that honor the music.”

Read Part 2, Let’s Listen

Quintet15 Horn1

Herb Reichert from Stereophile at Axpona 2019

“To my ears, “done right” describes the Pure Audio Project’s Quintet15 Horn1 Modular Open Baffle Loudspeakers ($9995) I auditioned at CAF…”

“I was especially impressed by the power of the presentation and the three-dimensionality of the imaging. The Quintet15’s sounded coherent, and the horns just lookedright sitting in the middle of the curved 72″ x 21″ aluminum frame. These are to my taste: good-looking loudspeakers…”,

“full, large, relaxed, open, and naturally detailed. No hi-fi unnaturalness.”

Read the complete review: Herb Reichert, STEREOPHILE

Trio15 Horn1

’25th Anniversary Legendary Performances Award’ by EnjoyTheMusic

“Enjoy the Music Legendary Performance Awards is a once every 25-year event, so you know it is something very special indeed! We tasked our extensive staff in choosing products they felt earned an extra-special mention, which in turn shows the greatness of these legendary pieces of high-end audio equipment”

Read the complete review by Steven Rochlin, Enjoy the Music

Trio15 Classic

Steve Guttenberg experience with Trio15 Classic on YouTube:

“Blown away by these speakers”

“They liberate the music”

“Fastest, cleanest bass I ever had in this room”

“Fun?… Whew… Massive fun”

Watch on YouTube:

Audiophiliac Speakers Hall of Fame (min 13:00)

Quintet10 w/ Voxativ and Horn2 Drivers

In Depth Review by Rogier van Bakel

“Look ma, no boxes! I spent 100 days and nights with PureAudioProject’s Quintet 10 open-baffle speakers — and found that they are sonic shape-shifters of the highest order…

… Beyond the ability to finetune the sound by switching drivers, the open-baffle design means that the crossover on each speaker is easily accessible. Thus, bliss awaits inveterate tweakers who arm themselves with a Phillips-head screwdriver and different capacitors and resistors. I achieved the most satisfying results with the horns and a pair of PAP-supplied Mundorf MCAP EVO Silver/Gold Oil capacitors, which sounded quite a bit better to me than the twice-as expensive Supreme Silver Gold Oil caps that PureAudioProject also allowed me to try. The change between the two was not subtle, beginning with an increase in palpability. As I wrote to PAP founder Ze’ev Schlik, after I installed the more affordable caps, I could literally hear the difference from the next room…”

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Trio15 Classic

Part Time Audiophile at NY Audio Show 2019

“As an owner of open baffle speakers, I must compliment Pure Audio Project (PAP) on their modular / flat-pack shipping business model.  They have overcome most of the major obstacles to marketing such speakers, including the SAF (spousal approval factor).  I have heard several iterations of their speakers at previous shows and have always been favorably impressed.  At this show, they had the  TRIO15 CLASSIC, which is the same as the Trio15 modular loudspeaker, but is a fully assembled version (i.e., not a flatpack kit) with a tastefully designed grill cloth (the raw driver look is often off-putting to those sensitive to home decor/aesthetics).   The same midrange driver options are available and this one was using the wood-cone AC-PiFe Voxativ driver ($8,995 including U.S. shipping).  Apparently, this was the same system used at the Chicago AXPONA show, which was described by my colleague, Marc Phillips.  The Luminous Audio Technology passive attenuator and PAS Labs 160.8 amps combined with a VPI Prime turntable, computer files and Tidal into a Roland Super UA sound card (DAC on board). In a followup email, the host of the room, Ze’ev Schlik, explained that even though the speakers are of high efficiency (96 dB sensitivity), they wanted to show how they work with high-powered amps.  Duly noted, but my favorite PAP show demo was with the higher model Quintet 15 Horn 1 paired with the Whammerdyne Truth 2A3 SET amp.  Their web site also states that they can do custom builds to mate with various brands of midrange-oriented drivers, modern or vintage.  I wonder how this would work with a pair of vintage Altec 755 drivers for the mids?”

Steve Marsh

Trio15 HeilAMT

In Depth Review by Oliver Masciarotte

“I’m going to steal a line from fellow reviewer Hartmut Quaschik when I say the Trio15 Heils exhibit “…electrostatic resolution with real life dynamics.”

One aspect to consider with speakers is Spousal Approval Factor (SAF). Though they are relatively
imposing in my listening space, they have received a high SAF rating from my wife Kari, both for their
very shallow footprint and exceptional performance (see Photo 5). Kari finds them good looking, gratifying in their presentation, and instructive to listen to given her recurring utterances of, “I’ve never heard THAT before!”…

Their performance is extraordinary, especially when weighted against their cost, with an unrestricted
presentation, wide and smooth response, and rugged, techy good looks. Their honest timbre, excellent speed at mid and high frequencies, and overall sense of envelopment is pure listening pleasure. In terms of fidelity—the truth in conveying what’s in a recording, they smoke many loudspeakers costing several times as much.

Heck, I like their overall performance more than some costing 10 times more.

Highly Recommended!”

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Audio Beatnik Awards Classic15 at California Audio Show 2019

“… these Classic 15 speakers demonstrated they could be elegant and graceful, yet at the same time, they were dynamic and exciting. For example, they gave me a great introspective look into a classical music performance. Then, when switching to a gritty, angry, industrial rock song, they perfectly replicated a highly distorted electric guitar. It sounds funny to say that they “accurately reproduced distortion!” However, it speaks to the “do-anything” character of these speakers and their ability to faithfully reproduce any genre of music.

The perfect synergy between the amplifier and speakers was evident as the volume was increased. Despite “only” having 8.4 watts per channel, the Whammerdyne amplifier drove these speakers to uncomfortable levels, with no signs of letting up. Clearly, there was plenty of horsepower and headroom inside this less than 10 watts per channel amplifier. This allowed for effortless dynamic swings that came from a completely silent background. Whenever I sat down for a song in this room, I felt fully engaged, and I didn’t want to stop listening.״,


California Audio Show: Drew’s Picks for the 5 Best Rooms

Trio15 Classic

Part Time Audiophile at Axpona 2019

“The new PureAudioProject loudspeaker, ready-to-run right out of the box, no assembly required and based on their Trio 15 design. Still one of the best values in hi-end, the new loudspeaker just made getting into the PureAudioProject universe of sound that much easier… The bass is always fast with well-executed open-baffle designs, and the sound coming from the new TRIO15 CLASSIC is right there at the top of them. Especially with how linear the drivers are when they coalesce to create an expansive wall of sound that fools the visual senses. You’d swear that sounds were coming from distant places outside of these small hotel room walls.״,

Eric Franklin Shook, Part Time Audiopohile


Trio15 w/ Voxativ (AC-1.6)

In Depth Review by Pete Davey

“I’ve had the honor of having experienced the PureAudioProject “Trio” system for a while now, and it is one of the most eye-opening experiences I have in a long time. I have reviewed lots of speaker systems as well as other ancillary systems, but none of them have captured the essence of the music like this system has..״,


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Quintet15 Horn1

‘Blue Note, Best of 2018’ Award

“When we listen at home over our favorite speakers, they are our window back onto the musical event that was recorded and produced, in the first place for our delectation. So the closer our speakers come to sounding like those used during the recording efforts, the more likely we are to experience the same type of musical reproduction in our living rooms, etc.. B&W 801, Quad ESL-57, and KEF LS3-5a are a few legendary transducers that have served music and sound lovers alike on both sides of the microphone for decades. But none of them is new. And none offer up a new level of both technical brilliance and visual appeal to go along with spine tingling “you are there” sound quality. I speak of the new PureAudioProject Quintet15 Horn1 Modular Open Baffle Loudspeakers ($9995) — a sonorous triumph of aesthetics and technique…״

“Well, with the PureAudioProject’s latest loudspeaker design, the Quintet15 Horn1 takes its place among a cherished handful of great examples of speakers that are true music instruments.”

Best of 2018 Award Nomination by Steven Rochlin

Complete Review by Jeremy Kipnis


Trio15 Horn1

‘Exceptional Value Award 2018’, Redefining Expectations, by Jeff Dorgey

“The highest compliment I can pay the PureAudioProject speakers is that I purchased the review pair and will be using them as a permanent reference speaker in room two. I’ve never had this much sheer fun with a pair of speakers. In addition to being a great reviewing tool, they are going to be the vehicle for a number of audio journeys I’m planning, so count on hearing more about them in the months to come. It’s easy to award them one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2018.”

“not only built a speaker that sounds incredible, it gets my personal thumbs-up for being the most fun speaker I’ve ever had the pleasure to use… it only took a few hours of listening to move the Trios from the want column to the need/system reference column in that big Excel spreadsheet that is my life.”

“Of course being a big Pass Laboratories fan, we tried them with the mighty “Hours pass by and on many occasions, what begins as an afternoon listening session, lingers far into the night hours – even with daylight saving time in full effect. A wide range of music proves highly engaging and exposes no flaws in the Trios. They play everything you can imagine with ease.”

“These are one of the most exciting speakers I’ve had the pleasure of listening to at low volume levels, making them perfect for someone living in a condo or apartment situation.”

“Enjoyable as these speakers are, you need to hear them. Their clear, dynamic sound reminds me of so many aspects of other speakers that I truly love. They disappear in the room and provide pinpoint imaging when required like a great mini monitor, yet, they paint a vast, diffuse landscape like my Magnepan Tympanis, all the while, having the sheer sonic punch of the Klipsch LaScalas.”,

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Trio15 Horn1

‘Spark in the Dark 2018 Award׳, by Giuseppe Castelli

“The PAP point to the true of the musical instrument, they are among the best cases I have ever tried and therefore I strongly recommended״

Read the Complete ReMusic Revie

Trio15 Horn1

Show Report, CAS8 2018

“At shows over the years, I have thought that different PureAudioProject speakers sounded very promising. This year with this combo of speakers and amplifier, the sound was more than promising; it was one of the very best sounding rooms at the show.”

The Audio Beatnik, CAS8 2018 Show Review

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Best of 2019 – min 16:44

Speakers Hall of Fame – min 13:00