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March 25, 2022


My buddy, a long time student of audio reproduction technology, tells me that an Open Baffle speaker is a terrible idea.

Among his critiques:

*The room becomes the enclosure (and it is worse than any speaker box)

*Bass will suffer, because the wavelength is longer than most rooms

*Only good for high frequencies.

What does your experience with PAP speakers and OB in general tell you?

I am interested in PAP because I like the semi-DIY, the ease of bi-amping, and (frankly) the Israel connection. But, I want great bass, too.

Look forward to your comments. Thanks.



Matt Wilkins

I love my Quintets. The dispersion characteristics of dipole open baffle is superior to box speakers. I’ll never listen to monkey coffins again in my main system.

Satyam Bachani

The room will be the only enclosure. Not a box in box. You’d be fighting unwanted gain in a room with a box vs an OB. If you want to stick something to the front wall get a box speaker if you can give it room to breathe 9 out of 10 times a OB will beat a box. It’s just predictable.

Bass is what makes a OB special.

Yarden Yaroshevski


After having the Trio 15 Horn 1 for about 3 years now, I won’t be able to go back to box speakers – they need some space on the room – but if you have it…


The ‘room’ also effects box speakers, you’re just removing a layer in between the actual speaker drivers and your ears…

John Wiese

I A-B tested two box speakers and two Open Baffle speakers for a full week. Once I heard the Open Baffle I couldn’t go back. The small open baffle had great tone but lacked bass (still preferred it to the boxes). Biggest difference is the sound stage in my opinion. With box speakers I could always draw the boundaries, with Open Baffle I find the experience so much more immersive, a room filling experience that surprises you regularly.

The PAP Classics’ are exceptional, great tone, sensational bass. Gave my subwoofer to my son, didn’t feel I needed it. Just writing a review now after spending 5 months with the Classic’s. Couldn’t be happier!

Mikhail Kuzemchenko

While this is all valid points, they do not necessary only to OB. Box speakers immensely affected by room acoustics, often in even more convoluted way. Lower frequencies are indeed need much larger woofers than box (Q15H1 has huge woofers), but good subwoofer will pickup – below 40 Hz. It is surprisely little musical information there, “foundation” so to speak. I have one 15 inch rhythmik sub, and it is perfectly adequate and not pricey. In return midbass and upper bass are to die for, not this artificial stamping of box speakers, which will impress in a demo room and you will get tired of very soon.

Marc Philip

From my experience with PureAudioProject open baffle, since many years, the theory is largely supplanted in practice. Admittedly, the low frequencies below 40Hz are forgotten, the contribution of one or two subwoofers is to be considered.

But let’s be honest, I use a pair of 15 Horn 1 trios as a reference system and for good reasons.

The dynamic range is excellent, voices very natural.

I have never heard such tonal balance and such sonic truth from any speaker.

I was aiming for performance and the PureAudioProject Trio 15 Horn 1 offered me as a bonus, musical emotion, nothing less.?

>>> Steve Schermerhorn to Marc Philip
I just was on Zoom with Ze’ev. For my room, and my other gear, he is recommending the Trio15. I am considering purchasing both the Horn1 and one of the Voxativ drivers; along with the Pass C-1 crossover.

Golan Peleg- Fadida

please forgive me, for not being polite: from experience of one year, with relatively small room (4m*4.5m), I’m sorry to tell you that your friend, maybe knows theory well, but that’s it. bass is great: fast, smooth, sleek . nothing I have heard before. mid range and treble are so clean and efortless

Mike Finn

Can’t see why the wave length is different when comparing box and ob speakers. For the acoustical short cut yes – but can be solved.

Ricardo Figueroa

He tenido parlantes con bass reflex, cerrados y OB y te puedo decir que no he tenido ningún problema con lo OB … Los tengo actualmente y me encantan, no siento que les falte algo, mis Pure Audio son maravillosos y no tengo intención de cambiarlos, por el contrario, quiero experimentar con mucha electrónica (amplificadores y preamplificadores) para sacar su mejor sonido… amo mis Pure Audio… tengo que cambiar el mueble, es transitorio, después les mando más fotos.

Mikhail Kuzemchenko

And regarding the size – my Q15H1, while very tall, looks elegant in my living room, mostly because of slim profile and unusual curve design. They need room (mine are 4 feet from the wall), but it is not much farther away then my old box speakers, which close to the wall sounded restrained.

Bart Van Geyt

For bass I would recommend open baffle. And I’m a bass player. You want a bass driver to breathe freely, and tha

Mike Finn

Steve Schermerhorn Going from box to dipole/openbaffle/semi open baffle there is no return to box again.

Mikhail Kuzemchenko

Not sure I missed anything going to PAP. The moment I heard my speakers clarity and dynamics without any hint of brightness I was hooked ?

Denis Whitton

Sounds like you need a new friend ?. OB is by far the best I ever owned. Confirmed by a friend in the pro audio world. Follow your own path, young padawan.