Don’t mess with 50,000V…

The 8 unfinished baffles came in one box. That box contained only the 8 baffles… no extra samples from the same wood. The samples were to be provided so I could  experiment on the 4 step process of finishing the baffles in the manner in which I wish to have them finished.

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The first step is a 50,000 volt “burn” that creates what I would describe as an actual burn pattern into the surface of the wood that is reminiscent of lightning. The pattern and results are different for different species of wood, and thus the need to experiment on the method (voltage, spacing of the contactors, etc.) to achieve the desired results. The carbon from the burn must then be removed from the surface of the wood with steel wool, wire brush and fine sanding. The next step is
applying the correct color of stain or coloured wood oil to achieve the desired color…

Hi, Ze’ev and Rachel,

At 8:30 PM the Grant Fidelity RITA 880 powered up the Q15’s….beautifully!

The horns are awesome right from note one. So much presence… more “live”, more nuance. They surpass the MARTIN Logan Montis already and they are 199.5 hours away from being broken in. Can’t imagine (well, I think I can) how great they will sound then. Even now, the double bass opening up on track 11 (Diana Krall, Love Scenes) tops the ML Montis..(4 x 15 x 2 SHOULD kill the 10” x 2!)… and they do.

I reset the furniture and have 6’2” from speaker centre to speaker centre… it looks good and sounds great. Photos attached. I may abandon the renovation of the old 1940’s radio cabinet… shall ponder on that. I have a different idea.

These horns are GREAT!

Rachel, thank you so much for unequivocally recommending Ze’ev’s speakers. It has been a great experience “building them” and now the real fun starts.

Ze’ev, I was TOTALLY IMPRESSED with how well everything is Engineered, and how perfectly everything fits together. Not one hole out of alignment. I did not sweat even ONCE the entire time I assembled everything. WELL DONE!!!

Actually, Ze’ev, I was reading a blog on Audiogon 2 days ago where a fellow (and his wife) are building a new home, with a 25’ x 35 ‘ dedicated music listening room, with vaulted ceilings from 12’ rising to 16’. He was asking for, and was getting “tons” of replies to his request for suggestions for a HORN speaker system. I read the entire blog(VERY long and at times excruciatingly boring) and no mention from anyone about PAP. I could not resist responding, I’ll send you what I wrote… he responded immediately, asked lots of great questions, and I wrote back a very lengthy reply (I think this is all on the Audiogon blog, so all theses smarty “audiophiles” can read all of it.)

Well, he and his wife looked at your web site thoroughly, watched several U-Tube videos about the Q15 and replied that they are really interested. They like the looks a lot! And the efficiency for tube amplification, small footprint, height is great for their soaring ceilings, and the price is bang-on their budget!

He’s “ willgolf” on Audiogon. He asked me to keep him posted on my assessment of the sound as the break-in period progresses.
You might have another customer soon… several months before the house is completed… so not for a while. I think he’s in the USA… I’ll let you know more when I can.

That’s all for now… time to change the CD. See new photos below. Rachel, send to China!!

I hope my emails are not annoying.

sep 7

Hi again, Ze’ev,
I just posted this comment on Audiogon to the question someone asked, “What opinions are there with respect to any speakers that are considered to be “giant killers” to some of the best most expensive speakers pt there?”
I took some liberties in making assumptions… I hope I did mot say anything that you find my mid representative.
Ken .

Very few, if any, contributors to this excellent question are providing REASONS why a specific speaker is a superior VALUE for the price…IE, “a true “giant killer”.
Here are the money reasons why this relatively little known brand IS:
1) they are shipped in a DIY “kit” in between about 4 and 7 packages depending on the model chosen (from 4 different countries, each of which make the specifically selected components)
2) Shipping costs are therefore substantially more cost effective. It’s cheaper to ship 7 “little” boxes that 2 gigantic ones that require a pallet and special handling and delivery requirements.
3) they are shipped from the individual manufacturers of each of the components DIRECTLY to you…not to a retail dealership, who needs to pay costs for retail premises, staff, commissions, insurance, electricity. heating and air conditioning, business taxes, inventory, etc., etc. This is a HUGE cost of buying at a retailer! Ask yourself, what’s the mark- up (wholesale to retail) by the dealer and WHY does that have to be that way? Well, it does have to be that way or the retailer will nor be in business.
4) YOU assemble the components. It’s simple, if you know one end of a screwdriver from the other. It took me 5 hours. Therefore, I paid no one a dime for the cost to have someone else do that.
5) the reason these speakers are so “under the radar”, is because the “manufacturer of the speaker systems”, does not spend vast sums of money advertising in trade magazines. Huge savings in his overhead, making it possible for him to pass saving on to the purchasers while still achieving his required profit. Every speaker company requires profit!
6) So how does this speaker system “manufacturer” sell? Trade shows, and word of mouth…personal referrals, and from the most extensive and informative Web site I have ever seen… smart marketing in the money sense. AND, number one, VALUE FOR OUTSTANDING SOUND!!! Without achieving that, you are dead in the water. (Well, maybe not. It’s surprising what people will buy with such little due diligence.)

As an additional bonus, you can customize them with your choice of several different (nearly) full range driver choices, including Voxative models, Tang Bang, Horns, etc. Etc.
Additionally, those drivers are exchangeable/upgradable in the future with the easy modification to the crossovers (which you also assembled… with nothing more than that same screwdriver. Therefore, you can upgrade with out selling 80 % of your speaker system.

SOUND: the model I selected for a rather large listening room, (PAP Quintet Horn 1 Neo 15) with 4 15” neodymium magnet (very fast) woofers, (in each speaker)  NO subs required!!!! …. exceeded IN EVERY RESPECT, the excellent sound of the Martin Logan Montis that I had enjoyed for the past 5+ years.  And I mean EVERY respect! So go through the 50 or so words we use to describe sound from speakers, and check off every one of them.

This brand offers several models, with numerous choices for “centre” drivers to customize the sound for your preference.

One  last comment. The model I chose, besides being able to fill my large room, are about 96 dB efficient. I can blow myself out of my chair with my 8 watts, but apparently, 4.5 watts will do the same. That’s what  they are demoed with at the trade shows.  You can save a LOT of $$$$ on not needing huge, expensive power amplification!

At  double the price of new, these would likely rival many of the “best” out there, and simply blow away the vast majority!

You want to know WHY a speaker is a “giant killer…. now you know.

Do yourself a favour, if you know one end of a screwdriver from the other, (and can use an Allen wrench) and check this brand out  before you buy either new or used.

I have no vested interests… just sharing some FACTS to consider, prompted by the question that was asked.  I am extremely grateful to the person that l learned about this little known brand from, thank you again, Rachel!

PS: AI wish I could post a photo of my pair… I customized the open baffle German white oak
in which the 15’s are mounted and these are now( I guarantee) one if a kind, in appearance. Ken

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