After a month of playing I think the Duets got stable and they are burned in completely. The sound is amazingly good. It is all there, the focus, the stereo image, the powerful but detailed bass and the incredible Voxativ mids and highs. You never get tired listening. I have a broad spectrum of genres I listen to. No matter what, the old Mingus mono records or the latest HD classical recordings, the jazzrock 70’s vinyl., they all sound as I never heard before. Just wanted you to know… Maybe a point later in time I would like to have some more info about changing the caps or resistors (if these are the right names)and change them with the set you delivered. Wonder if the sound could even be better. Also on the future program is to add some roomcorrection to repair some ups and downs in my room. I thought about minidsp. But I wonder if this might take the magic away. The Duets perform much btw better in hiding the room anomalies then the totems I had. The magic of open baffle I guess. Thanks again and let me know when the green bases are available.

J.J., Netherlands

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