Duet15 Prelude 2.5′ from the rear wall, and with Denafrips Pontus DAC

The PAP Duets have made a big splash in my system. Music flows effortlessly and openly into the room. I’m not going to wheel out the usual audiophile descriptions except to say that listening to music is immersive,  enveloping and addictive. I really can’t imagine going back to ported boxes any time soon. Prior to getting the Duets I was concerned that my living room would not allow for proper positioning. Although it is not an ideal space, I have been very happy that approx 2.5 ft from front wall has been sufficient for bass and that there are minimal side reflections which is an issue in my space. I was also wondering if my  high powered Hybrid power amp  was going to be compatible w/ very sensitive speakers but the combo works. I would like to try a different power amp at some stage but no rush.

   Lastly owning hifi gear is not just about the component but the after sales service. I was delighted that Ze’ev and Thomas responded to my questions re set up with helpful tips. Ze’ev even called me to check in with one issue I experienced, and Thomas sent me a few new small parts for improved assembly and stability. It’s essential that small manufacturers follow up with customers like this and foster a community around their products based on good will and speed of communication.

All in all it’s been an exciting journey so far!

Thank you

Thomas Barnes, NYC

(system consists of CXN streamer- Denafrips Pontus 2 Dac- Rogue 99 super magnum tube pre amp- Rogue Dragon hybrid Tube-class D power amp (300w into 8 ohm)- PAP Duet speakers.


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