Duet15 Prelude in the UK (detailed feedback)

Hi Ze’ev

As you know, I’m not a reviewer, however, of my 40 years of listening to hi-end systems both at home and at Hi-Fi shows I can honestly say it’s a bit of a revelation to hear your open baffle speakers. Also, as you know, I had never heard the speakers previously so I’ve taken a major leap of faith in buying the speakers before I heard them, and to be fair It’s the first product bought like this. I’m so glad I did.

First impressions:

Only after 8 hours the first thing I noticed was the sound stage and detail within the sound stage, it is immense. It’s the biggest I’ve ever heard in my system, the sound is wide open and deep, and for the first time in my system the height of the soundstage is noticeable. It just fills  the room with sound. It doesn’t just came at you.

I also have Klipsch forte iv so I can make an immediate comparison with the Forte. Comparing the two the Forte is fantastic for in your face quality of sound. Their ability to throw music at you was just incredible. However the Duet15 Prelude immerses you in the sound, they put you in with the singer with the band standing around you.

The Forte’s bass is good but the Duet15 Prelude bass is a little bit deeper and definitely more controlled.

One thing I like best of all is voice reproduction (mid-range) comparing the two speakers the projects mid-range and tone of voice has more body more 3D. It’s so easy to be captivated by the Duet15 Prelude speakers they just put you in the music. it a real sense of being there.

I think in summary a direct comparison is like this, the Forte being a 18 to 35-year-olds holiday, its great at the time but you wouldn’t do it every holiday/year, however the Duet15 Prelude speakers give you time away with piece of mind, the kind of holiday you keep going back for.

Without a doubt I’m so happy I made the change. It’s a big step forward!

My System:

The room is 5m x 7m with hard wood floor and rugs (no room treatment)

CD Transport: JAY’S AUDIO CDT2-MK3



Phono: Project Phono Box RS

Passive pre-amp: SERVICESOUND

2x Mono blocks: SERVICESOUND – 40 watt, class A triode mode (EL34 tubes). Please note the amps are originally from Tube Technology (100w A/B) however Geoff took ALL the insides out and started again with a completely new amp. Removed the board etc. and its all point to point wiring. They’re so good.

Speaker cable:  NORDOST

Component stand: DIY

Power cords: DIY

P.S. I’m happy to demo for UK buyers if that helps you.

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