“Duet15 is anything but entry-level. It could certainly be an end-game for many. I’ll say this without hesitation: The Duet 15 Prelude is a first-rate loudspeaker that tickled every single personal sonic-fancy.” …For all its outward simplicity, the Duet 15 Prelude’s sonic quality is quite complex. It is dynamic, with a lightning fast attack. Resolution of fine detail is excellent, and tonal color is strikingly lifelike at times. The Duet also gets high marks for an amazing ability to construct a believable image, and set those images into a wide stage. …During my time with the Duet, I listened to almost every genre of music. And while some speakers are more capable with one type of music or another, the Duet sounded sterling with them all.”

Gary Beard, Positive Feedback


For realistic, full scale Open Baffle music experience in smaller rooms


For effortless and dynamic sonic performances with any amplification


For reliable music reproduction and overall seamless sonic blend

Starting at $6,490

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Made in the US and the EU and shipped directly to our customers

Music experience with Duet15 Prelude is open and big even in small rooms. Sharing the same design guidelines and sonic virtues as its bigger brothers, the Trio15 and the Quintet15, Duet15 is a full scale open baffle speaker that bears no compromises on tonality and music presentation. Despite its relatively modest size, ever since its release, Duet15’s life-like and extremely musical performances stunned customers, reviewers, and industry members alike. It soon became a reference and one of our most popular models.


Full Range Drivers

Full range drivers are known for their rich, organic and musically engaging presentation. Being built with one motor (magnet system) and one membrane, there is no shift in phase nor in sonic signature all the way from the low mids to the very highs. This causes sonic signature stability and eliminates the need to cross two drivers with two different sonic signatures (mid and tweeter) in a critical listening frequency zone.

Voxativ AC-1.6 

Japanese Paper Cone

Over the years Voxativ full range drivers won their position as the ‘gold standard’ among full range drivers. The Ferrite magnet / Light Japanese paper cone AC-1.6 driver is a ‘classic’ and this is the driver that was featured in the Audiophiliac (Steve Guttenberg) reviewed model. Its built quality is top-notch and sound is realistic, smooth, full-body, transparent, with all the clarity, resolution and a beautiful sonic finesse. This driver is a natural match with the Duet15 design and highly raved by Duet15 owners.

Voxativ AC-PiFe

Wood Cone Ferrite Driver.

This unique driver adds to all the features of AC-1.6 an unprecedented sense of sonic-mass and realism. Instruments and vocals not only ‘sound great’ but also are ‘physically felt’. The music experience with AC-PiFe in Trio15 is simply addicting!


With years of experience and customers in different climate environments, we have narrowed our baffle materials to three types that excel to perform even in high vibrations scenarios, 3/4” High Density Fiberboards (or Plywood), 3/4” three layers Bamboo or Wood sheets, 7/8” genuine German Oak (with anti-vibration inserts).

Their unique finishing will compliment their music performances, and both will blend naturally with the life-style of your room, your office, or your cave

HDF/Plywood baffles are finished to matte or gloss, while Bamboo and wood baffles are cut to maintain the grain along the speakers and are oiled.
In addition, for desired custom finishes, please contact us for an offer and a quote.


German Oak

Our genuine German Oak baffles are cut from long pieces of wood and numbered to maintain wood original grain.

They are handcrafted with a unique 3/7″ (1cm) deep insertion for extended strength and anti-vibration; smoked and oiled to the selected finishing;… all per order by Holzbodenmanufaktur in south Germany.





OB-A15SEN aka NEO are our proprietary audiophile grade, high-resolution 15″ woofers. They were designed specifically  for Open Baffle and for PureAudioProject in co-operation with Eminence. The OB-A15SEN are extremely light and fast response drivers that are not only field proven and great performers of deep bass, but they also play full body midrange and integrate smoothly with fast and refined drivers that are used in the different Trio15 models.  

“Well well… the deep bass coming out of these speakers, it’s not just that is a deep and ‘feeling it in your chest’ thing; yeah, I felt that before, but the speed of these woofers is just in another class from everything else, it just is. Yeah, I’ve never heard anything quite like that in this room”

Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophiliac


Duet15 Prelude features a dedicated second order audiophile-grade crossover. The two resistors on this crossover are mounted on Golden screw terminals, allowing the option to swap them and to experiment different brands, types, and even values for best match to your personal sonic taste and favorite audio gear.


  • Sensitivity > 96db (in a typical room).

  • Nominal Impedance: 8ohm.

  • Frequency Range: 29-32hz to 20Khz (in a typical room).

  • Typical distance from rear wall: 2′-3.5′ (60-106cm)

  • Distance from side walls: Any

  • Size: W:21.25″ H:40.9″ D:10.63″ | W:54cm H:104cm D:27cm

  • Weight: starts at 44lbs/20kg


Watch the hi-fi journalist Steve Guttenberg (The Audiophiliac) explaining: “Why I’m Changing my Reference Speakers to the Duet15

“The most amazing part is that the music just seems to flow effortlessly through them… So probably for the first time in many years i am actually enjoying the music rather than trying to analyzing my system!!”

Customer, Duet15 Prelude w/ Voxativ AC-1.6

“The speakers sound amazing, they fill the room with amazing clarity and make me think theres a concert in my living room.”

Customer, Duet15 Prelude w/ Voxativ AC-1.6

”After a month of playing I think the Duets got stable and they are burned in completely. The sound is amazingly good. It is all there, the focus, the stereo image, the powerful but detailed bass and the incredible Voxativ mids and highs. You never get tired listening. I have a broad spectrum of genres I listen to. No matter what, the old Mingus mono records or the latest HD classical recordings, the jazzrock 70’s vinyl., they all sound as I never heard before.”

”Listening now to vinyl, the Village Vanguard Session of Bill Evans. The Duets reveal even beautifully the slamming of the strings against the fingerboard of Scott LaFaro’s bass. Never heard that before. So lots to discover today”

Customer, Duet15 Prelude w/ Voxativ AC-1.6

“Hi, I am a new owner of Duet 15 Prelude with TB W8-1808. I am blown away by the speakers and love them…”

Customer, Duet15 Prelude w/ TB W8-1808

“Ze’ev, when the duet’s first arrived, I have to admit, I was a little skeptical…
I was very pleasantly surprised with how tight and punchy they sounded and they have a very crisp and present top end without any harshness, in my opinion. Everything just sounds real to me. I wasn’t expecting that at all. In fact I already sold my Graham ls 5/9’s, which are great speakers in my opinion. I was really just trying the duets’s out of curiosity but I fell in love with their sound and had to have them. Thanks Ze’ev, love them.”

Customer, Duet15 Prelude w/ TB W8-1808

“Really enjoying the speakers. They are truly the best sounding speakers I’ve ever had. The resistors on the inputs to the Voxativs worked well. The treble is crystal clear and extended, but without a bit of glare or harshness – unlike my last speakers, XXXX from Finland…”

Few weeks after:
“Here they are and sounding great. I had Magnepans years ago, and these compare to them in having a “big” sound, only with punch. Your larger speakers must be incredible.”

Customer, Duet15 Prelude w/ Voxativ AC-1.6

“Hello Ze’ev, great to hear from you…I’m not sure how many hours I have on them but probably at least 50 hours and I love them so far. They’ve quickly become one of my favourite speakers both from a sonic and aesthetic perspective. Thanks for checking in. My next plan is to get a tube amp as I think it would be a nice match.”

Few weeks later:

“Like many speaker and audio enthusiasts, I started my journey with box designs, and, while there were several models and brands that offered excellent sonic performance, I had the urge to venture out of that traditional speaker realm and try something unique. Planar and electrostatic speakers provided a clear and airy sound and were attractive but the trade off was that they often lacked bass impact and dynamic range and were difficult to integrate with a subwoofer. It was only until the last couple of years that I became interested in open baffle designs. They seemed to offer the best aspects of both box and planar/electrostatic speakers, and typically do not require special room treatments. The difficulty, however, was finding a reputable company that offered affordable, high quality, and complete, open baffle speaker models. I had neither the time nor skills to go the DIY route. Hearing about PureAudioProject was sort of a revelation. I spent some time researching and reading about their speakers before reaching out to Ze’ev, who was was extremely helpful and responsive and addressed all of my questions. I am now a proud owner of the Duet15 Prelude (Tang Band version). I actually have the privilege and honor of being one of the first customers of this new model. Setting them up was extremely easy, even for a novice like me, and, even during the first few days of listening, I was astonished at the effortless and balanced sound. There is a musicality and naturalness to these speakers, handling any kind of musical genre without any struggle. And there is no lack of muscle and punch for those who want to rock – indeed, you will be surprised at the quantity and quality of the bass. It is a textured, controlled, and precise bass. You will not hear any boom or wooliness here. And the woofer is perfectly integrated with the full range Tang Band driver. There is no dip in the mid-range to create the illusion of more bass, and no sharpness or brightness in the treble to artificially heighten detail in the music. Apart from the exceptional sound, these speakers are just beautiful and will blend seamlessly into listening rooms with its modern, elegant look. The baffle construction and finish is also top notch. You can tell they were crafted with care. I’ve already received a few compliments from family members who usually have no interest in speakers. Finally, a special mention to the excellent customer service at PureAudioProject. Ze’ev and his team are a class act. I very much look forward to trying their higher end models in the future. For now, I will enjoy the wonderful Duet15 Prelude for many months to come.”

Our first Duet15 Prelude Customer

Read More Feedback & Reviews


All Duet15, Trio15* and Quintet15 speakers are shipped flat packed in a disassembled form.

Assembly is breeze simple and the only tools needed are an Allen key (for the speakers) and a screwdriver (for the crossover).

(*) – For Trio15 we have also designed a unique out-of-the-box, ready-made Open Baffle Enclosure, the Trio15 Classic

All components are made in the USA and Europe, sold and shipped directly to our customers.

Starting at $6,490

Configure and Buy Now


At any time, the Duet15 can easily be scaled up to the Trio15 and even to the Quintet15.

All that is needed for the Trio15 is to replace the side brackets of the Duet15, to get Trio15 Baffles, to add two more woofers and swap the crossover or swap/modify several crossover components. We are happy to support this option upon request.