Duet15TB Neo, My First Open Baffle

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Simplified build for non-DIYers and DIYers as one

Audio fans and audiophiles can now enjoy the bliss of a genuine DIY experience with a complete kit of our First Open Baffle Speakers.

Duet15TB is a simplified version of our raved and awards winning Trio15TB speakers.

Based on PureAudioProject/Eminence audiophile-grade Open Baffle woofers, the OB-A15Neo, and the one of it’s kind Leonidas Crossover, Duet15TB design is simple to a level of a zen perfection. With not less than top-end audio components, the Duet15TB sonic experience can challenge many speakers costing multiple sums.

But all this is just the beginning !

Duet15TB can at anytime be upgraded to Trio15TB NeoTrio15 Voxativ or to any other configuration our Modular Open Baffle Architecture allows… Both, the Trio15TB Neo and the Duet15TB  share the same audio components !


Audio components and build plans

2 x OB-A15Neo Woofers

2 x Leonidas Crossover

2 x TB W8-2145

Build Plans

Complete Kit with Aluminium side walls

2 x OB-A15Neo Woofers

2 x Leonidas Crossover

2 x TB W8-2145

2 x Aluminium Open Baffle base and sidewalls

2 x Baffles

All Hardware for breeze simple self assembly (with only a screwdriver and an Allen key)

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