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PureAudioProject Customers and Fans Family

Generally speaking, social media, and in particular Facebook, is an effective channel for us and our customers and fans to connect, to share our passion for music and our audio experience, as well as simply to enjoy the hobby we’re passionate about.

For our customers, fans, and like-minded music and audio enthusiasts, we have created a dedicated Facebook Group, PureAudioProject Customers and Fas Family. However, not all them are on Facebook, so we also created this page here, where we will share selected posts from Facebook and related social networks.


John Wiese

Profoundly unexpected … Well, I have passed the half way point of my Trio-Classic break-in period and have started forming an opinion of the speakers. As one would expect with a speaker in this class it is remarkable. What has blown me away most is how astonishing the Classic’s are for movies! I am a… Read more “John Wiese”

Gilberto Gonzalez

The speakers reveal everything cables interconnects new components it’s able to show all the changes in your system. These are absolutely the most revealing speakers I have owned I’ve heard all the other pure audio project drivers these by far all the… Read more “Gilberto Gonzalez”

Deep Audition at Home Review by R.M., USA

Hello, time I introduce myself now that I decided to accept my audition! Been lurking since I placed my order but anywhooo… I’m Ryan and I live outside Seattle WA. Ordered a pair of Quintet15’s with Voxativ AC-PiFe drivers and have been working with Ze’ve on voicing them to my liking. The experience has been… Read more “Deep Audition at Home Review by R.M., USA”

Ryan S. McClune

New to the PAP Community.

New to the PAP Community. New owner of the Quintet 15’s featuring the Voxative AC 1.6 in German oak Coffee finish. These are replacing my Martin Logan Monolith iii’s of 21 years. So far I have been very happy with these speakers. The bass is as tight as a cats ****! Drums are now punchy… Read more “New to the PAP Community.”

David Moore

Steve Schermerhorn

My buddy, a long time student of audio reproduction technology, tells me that an Open Baffle speaker is a terrible idea. Among his critiques: *The room becomes the enclosure (and it is worse than any speaker box) *Bass will suffer, because the wavelength is longer than most rooms *Only good for high frequencies. What does… Read more “Steve Schermerhorn”

Steve Schermerhorn