Feedback from Switzerland

 Yesterday evening two friends came to hear the Timeless at home. One is from They are doing a lot of “hifi-dgets” and are a bit guru-like.

 Nevertheless we have tried an anaview based amplifier (1200-2600 if my memories are ok). Way more rapid than my emotiva, nice surprise…And a power conditioner + out of space cables. To be honest, I’m a believer but not practicing the high-end cabling/filtering religion…

 Well Ze’ev, the Timeless scored full marks! 4/4 friends found the Timeless to be a hit!

 They have B&W802D, Magnepan 1.7, Focal Utopia, ATC, etc…and qualify the Timeless as great loudspeakers. I guess some of them were antagonized when the tought about the performance/price ratio…

Last listener I expect/respect is my friend Richard, he is recording all kind of classical music in Switzerland and is a musician himself. He is the most critical listener I know. I’ll let you know for this last listening session I have on my list…

Frederic B., Switzerland

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