I had a bit of a rough go when I first got the speakers. I can go into this more if you would like. The thing I would like to stress is that you (Ze’ev) went above and beyond with making everything right.

The speakers sound like they look. They also don’t sound like they look. They can play really big, bold and rich. They can also do very subtle, small and intimate. One of the things that really sticks out is because there’s so much speaker area, they really move air, even at very low volumes. You feel the music, there’s a tangibleness to the music. Bass is not overbearing, until you’ve experienced it, it’s hard to convey. Then when you start to turn it up the way they pressurize the room is very smooth and inviting.

I had my cousin over to listen to some music. And after about an hour, he turns to me says, “I don’t get it, I don’t understand where the music is coming from.” Obviously you can’t miss them, they are over six feet tall. I say that’s a good example of what these speakers do, disapear. When you close your eyes with these you cannot pick them out in the room.

I find myself listening to music at lower volumes than I expect, my guess is because of the amount of air that moves, your whole body is involved in listening to music. No need to crank it up to 80-85+ dB, I find a lot of times, 70 to 75 dB is where I’m happy, 60 to 65 is also engaging.

From day one my plan was to upgrade to a hardwired point to point soldered XO and have high quality speaker cables to each driver.

The first thing I did was I replaced the little O-rings between the baffle and the frame with a strip of ISOdamp. That really made a big difference. When you tap on the frame or the baffle now there is almost no ringing, I find that translates to a lot more clarity across the frequency spectrum.

I then added an air core inductor. This was a much more subtle improvement, it was an improvement. The bass did get the little bit snappier.

After letting that play for a month plus. I knew I was going to upgrade the speaker cables from the crossover to the individual drivers. Multiple nights I thought “wow, this sounds so damn good, I don’t know why I’m gonna spend so much more money on these speaker cables!” I had a plan and I’m sticking to it. I got the speaker cables in, I have less than 10 hours on them, and I am thrilled with how much better it sounds.

They’re a blend of copper, gold and silver, Level of clarity, micro detail, the decay is just off the charts.

What I really want from my stereo is a “holographically immersive stereophonic experience” when I sit down and close my eyes drift off into a different reality, space or experience. I’ve only experienced this with a few systems. These speakers make that happen.

The only thing I could really see myself changing after the hardwired XO is upgrading to the field coil driver.

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Current system is

Jay’s Audio CDT MKIII
Rega P8 SS Zephyr MIMC
Roon + HQPlayer
Sonore MicroRendu
Holo Audio May KTE DAC
EMIA Remote Autoformer
DECWARE Zrock-25th
Snake River Audio and ICONOCLAST Cables.
I’m waiting on a Pi Audio Group UBERBuss.

I also included a photo of what I suspect will soon be the weakest link in my stereo :p

Make it a great day!