From Trio15 Coax10 to Quintet15 Horn1

I thought I’d send a few pictures of my system. The speakers look great. And are exactly what I wanted sound wise!
You can post these if you’d like…
The amp is a DIY Bottlehead Kaiju 300B with Emission Labs 300B-XLS.
Jay’s CD Transport CDT2-MK3
AudioNote DIY preamp
Denafrips Pontus II DAC
Symbol Audio rack in walnut
Thanks Ze’ev for all your help and advice in choosing between the Trios Coax and Quintet15s.  After trying them both, I easily settled on the bigger Quintets with the Horn driver.
Every day, we play the Quintets for several hours.  What a difference they’ve made in our listening experience!  Music has both liveliness and detail, both when played quietly and loud, and across the high and low ends.
The woofers need some room to grow.  Our living room gives them the space they need.  And it was really fun trying out different combinations of speakers/drivers/crossover.  They’re  beautiful and exactly what I was hoping for.  Thanks again Ze’ev!  I couldn’t have gotten here without you…. and fellow PAP Trio owner, Mike Blakey too!
Last few CDs played:
Layo and Bushwacka Night Works
Gorillaz Cracker Island
Smashing Pumpkins Gish
Judas Priest Point of Entry (yes, I’m in my mid-fifties)
Black Keys Delta Kream
P.F., Anchorage, Alaska
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