High End Show, Munich, May 2017

Being kicked off by the HES in 2013, who invited us then to their Newcommers Booth, HES has a spacial meaning for us. This year we cooperated with Soulnote amps from Japan and Hanss Acoustic turntables from HK and set up a corner booth in Hall 3.

Many friends, visitors and competitors spent time with us, and the most played record was the new Diana Krall, Turn on the Quiet, that was purchased at Ludwig Beck stunning records department the evening before the show starts… An amazing release in which IMO Diana reaches a pick in gentleness and not only turning on the ‘quiet’ but actually blowing up the silence !

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FEedback kept flowing and here is one, coming from a nice gentleman from Malta who spent long minutes listening to classical music in front of our booth.

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