Jeff R., from New York, USA

Jeff visited Harry Weisfeld, the founder of VPI Industries and an owner of Trio15 and Quintet15 and sent us the following feedback. Few months later we announced the Quintet15 Heil AMT Beta offer and Jeff joined it on the spot ! Here is Jeff’s initial feedback on his visit at Harry and his post after assembling and experiencing the Beta setup of the Quintet15 with the Heil AMT1.

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  • email, Feb. 2019


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I would like to share with you details of the wonderful time I had experiencing PureAudioProject speakers with Harry Weisfield from VPI.  Per your referral, I visited Harry at his lovely home in New Jersey and was welcomed like an old friend.  We spent the afternoon listening to music, discussing music, and talking audio.  It was an honor for me to share a Sunday with a true audio industry legend.  That a man of Harry’s caliber is such an enthusiast of PureAudioProject speaks volumes.
Harry has a very interesting set up that takes complete advantage of the modular design of PAP speakers.  His PAP Quintets replaced the horn with a rather exotic wood cone Voxativ Field Coil driver.  The speakers are biamped using a McIntosh MEN220 processor that provides both precision electronic crossover and comprehensive room correction for Harry’s large and open living room space.  I was surprised that a master of analog audio would be processing the signal from his terrific VPI direct drive ‘table through an AD/DA conversion. Harry pointed out that as long as both the AD and DA conversions are done in the same system using the same clock, the negatives are negligible and the benefits are numerous.  The proof was certainly in the listening -the system was absolutely magnificent.
Harry shared that he has experienced PureAudioProject speakers in multiple forms including Trio and Quintet; with the Tang Bang, horn, and now Voxativ Field Coil drivers; and with both passive and electronic crossovers.  He has also experimented with cabling from the most exotic to the quite mundane.  Harry’s experience speaks to the incredible versatility of the speaker’s fully modular design.  The modular design is a key attraction for me as well as the open baffle design philosophy, very high sensitivity, terrific looks, and of course, great sound.  
I am left with the challenge of determining which PAP speaker configuration would work best in my rather confined listening space.  Unfortunately the wonderfully imposing Quintets would brush my ceiling and likely overpower the room, therefore Trio Voxativs may provide the best fit for the space.  The modular design renders non-permanent my initial configuration which relieves much of the pressure of the decision process.  You’ll be the first to know once I settle on my final configuration!  
Thank you for setting up the wonderful demonstration with Harry.  It was a great experience both with your PAP speakers and with the gracious hospitality of Harry Weisfield.  
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  • email, June 7 2019

“PureAudioProject is different.  Modular, open-baffle, do-it-yourself speakers are not exactly commonplace.  The modular architecture of changeable drivers and customizable crossovers is the answer to a question I’ve long had: how the heck do I build and perpetually tweak my own speakers without starting from scratch?  The Quintet kit is actually quite easy to assemble while being incredibly flexible with a quite unique and wonderful sound.  Allow me to share my journey…
Let’s start with now.  My new Quintet 15 Heil AMTs using the Mudorf passive crossovers are powered by a glorious First Watt SIT-3 amp.  The Quintets are supplemented by a pair of JL f112 v2 subs crossed over at 50hz using a JL CR-1 crossover.  Preamp is a PS Audio BHK Pre.  Sources are a PS Audio DirectStream DAC with Bridge streaming Tidal, Qobuz, and my pretty extensive FLAC collection via Roon; an Oppo BDP-103D; and a Pro-Ject RM 9.2 ‘table with a Sumiko cartridge and a Musical Fidelity phono preamp (looking to upgrade the phono preamp and will someday get a VPI Prime Signature).  Power all goes through a PS Audio P15 power regenerator.  The system also includes Raidho D1 speakers driven by PS Audio BHK300 amps that can be used with the same preamp, subs, and sources and easily switched with the Quintets.  It is quite a system.  Very flexible and sounds amazing.  
I’ve been an audio nut since high school, owning gear not at all normal for a 17 year old in the ‘80’s!  I got really serious about audio again in the early 2000’s.  Started out with some McIntosh gear and B&W N805 speakers.  Got more McIntosh and upgraded to B&W N802s (still have them).  Then I went McIntosh crazy with XRT-2K speakers, that were giant, loud, ugly, and total overkill.  I just never loved those speakers.  Deciding to go in the opposite direction, I replaced the big McIntosh speakers with MartinLogan CLX full range electrostats, a most enigmatic pair of loudspeakers.  These ‘stats were absolutely perfect IF everything was just right -the recording quality, system set-up, room, type of music, even the mood.  If it was a poor recording, they were awful.  They never mated well to my sub and required the perfect seating position.  But when all was right, the were incredibly great speakers.  I had the CLXes for about two years and it was time to move on -they were often wonderful, but ultimately just too finicky.  I searched for a few months and was utterly smitten by the small stand-mount Raidho D1s, a simply extraordinary pair of speakers.  A rather exotic design combining a state-of-the-art-the-art ribbon tweeter with a diamond impregnated mid/woofer.  Although very sensitive to placement, far more flexible with music selections and mates wonderfully with the JL subs.  The Raidho’s are keepers.  
I heard PureAudioProject speakers at a few audio shows and was intrigued by their sound and by the open baffle, modular design.  I was increasingly interested in PureAudioProject speakers when Ze’ev invited me to join the beta group.  I jumped on it immediately and ordered my Quintet 15 Heil AMTs.  After accumulating numerous packages from around the world, I found the assembly of the speakers to be easy and satisfying.  I initially set the speakers up with the standard Mundorf crossovers powered by the PS Audio BMK300 amps.  Right out of the box they sounded quite good.  Wanting to really get into both tweaking the speakers and learning more about the process, I purchased a miniDSP 4X10HD crossover/equalizer and downloaded REW audio measurement software.  Now I’m all in!
I set up the miniDSP connected to a McIntosh MC206 6 channel amp in a tri-amp configuration.  I spent a few weeks adjusting the settings and measuring the results -a fascinating exercise.  I experimented with using the subs in a 4-way DSP controlled quad amped configuration.  My results varied from awful to good, but not great.  I suspected that the McIntosh amp was really not up to the task and had concerns about all those A/D-D/A conversions and DSP processing.  
I cannot get enough of this system.  All types of music and recordings sound wonderful.  An extraordinarily unfussy speaker -tracks that would have been unbearable on the CLXes are marvelous on the Quintets.  I booted up the PS BHK amps and Raidho D1s recently for a comparison.  A familiar sound appeared, accurate, crisp, detailed…but also clinical and a bit sterile.  That absolute sound I had searched for and had found with the Raidho’s turns out to be kind of boring when (literally) overshadowed by the natural warmth and vast, open soundstage of the Quintets.  I’ll likely keep the Raidho’s, but currently, I just can’t break myself away from the Quintets.
Since no self respecting audiophile is capable of leaving well enough alone, I’ve already formulated my upgrade path starting with Voxative PiFe drivers to replace the Heils.  I have a few ideas for crossover configurations.   The saga continues….”

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