Just a couple of weeks and I am already addicted!

I’ve been enjoying the speakers for just a couple of weeks and I am already addicted! They are driven by Thomas and Stereo’s Galion TS120 SE with a Technics SL-G700M2 for source (completed by a Rega Planar P3) The sound is very smooth and open with a large sound stage but still very clear and detailed. The bass is not an overkill but very clean and punchy, especially with drums! I was hesitating between Klipsch Heritage and Magnepan and it seems that I have found the perfect synthesis of the two brands! Congratulations on this beautiful piece of engineering. It was easy to set up and i feel confident of the quality of the whole thing. What you see it’s what you pay! Thank you for everything, it’s a serious business you’ve got here.

~J.J., Customer, Martinique

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