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An Innovative, Modular Rack for your HIFI gear.
Breeze easy Assembly, Sturdy Build and,,,

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The PAP C-1

Active analog crossover, designed by Nelson Pass specifically for PureAudioProject and our Open Baffle Speakers.

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IsoAcoustics Gaia I/II Isolation Feet

Though our stock feet were carefully chosen to work at best with our speakers, some might want to use different spikes and/or prefer the popular Gaia Isolation feet. Indeed, the Gaias do add a certain realism and clarity to the sound, lift the speakers just a bit, and simply look great!

  • Thread: M8 (8mm)
  • Duet15 and all Trio15 use GaiaII
  • Quintet10 and Quintet15 use Gaia I



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for our Thrier and Leonidas Crossovers. 

Mundorf MCAP EVO Silver Gold Oil Caps 

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