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Made by Mundorf, Germany

These are our recommended Caps, MCAP EVO Silver/Gold Oil



  • Prices for the Capacitors are for a PAIR, 2pcs Cm.
  • Prices for Resistors are for a QUAD, 2pcs R1 and 2pcs R2.
  • Resistors are supplied with short legs that need to be extended by soldering.
  • All items are manufactures by Mundorf and shipped from Germany.

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Over the years and after supplying dozens of these caps we can state without any hesitation that the ‘Mundorf MCAP EVO Silver Gold Oil Caps’ are our most recommended choice for upgrade of our Thrier (and Leonidas) crossovers. They present an extremely musical sonic signature along a wide frequency range; being warm and soft sounding, pleasant to the ears, and at the same time presenting stunning resolution without any fatigue.

From Mundorf Catalog: “The MCap® EVO SilverGold.Oil was developed in 2012 to specifically create the powerful and finely nuanced acoustic colours that are typical to the SilverGold in as compact and cost-effective a format as possible. The large capacities created as aresult also permit efficient use in high-quality midrange applications.”
The self-healing PP capacitor film is im-pregnated with oil after the EVOLUTIONwinding process and potted by hand into special casings. Any impact on the audio signal caused by microphony is practically ruled out as a result. The directly gold-plated,asymmetrical pure copper terminals make it possible to assemble it in a classic, horizontal style or vertical; the shorter lead also indicates the capacitor’s outer foil.”

It is for quite a while we’ve been searching for the ultimate resistors upgrade while Mundorf Metal Oxide and Supreme HiRes resistors were hard to beat. This search came to an end with the release of Mundorf new MRESIST ULTRA, copper-manganin foil resistors.Totally transparent and organic sounding, with beautiful sonic finesse!
From Mundorf Catalog: “The development of our MRes Ultra Resistor is based on the well-known good tonal properties of copper-manganin foil. Compared to all wound-wire resistors, this film provides an order of magnitude lower inductance. Copper is significantly softer than the metal-oxide used for MOX resistors. The natural resonances of the copper-manganin foil are therefore significantly less pronounced, which means that distortions caused by crystallurgy and electroacoustics are significantly reduced here. That is why resistors of this design have secured a top position among audio components in recent years: They lack many of the distortions inherent in other resistor designs.”

Caps for Trio15 or Quintet15 w/Horn1, Caps for Trio15 or Quintet15 w/ Vox AC-1.6, Caps for Trio15 or Quintet15 w/Vox PiFe, Resistors for any Model

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