Internal Wiring and Speaker Cables Upgrades

Fidelium Cables are made by Silversmith Audio for PureAudioProject

All prices are for a Pair, (L and R)


For a long time we were looking for speaker cables that can also be implemented for the internal wiring. This search came to an end with Fidelium Cables by Silversmith. Their sonic features are just in line with our goal; to push the sonic performances even higher while maintaining our typical organic, emotionally moving, enjoyable and non-fatiguing sound. Silversmith’s Fidelium cables do exactly this, and we are happy to add these unique cables to our offering.


Purchasing Options

Our offering includes the Internal Wiring for our different models as well as speaker cable, for sonic consistency all the way from the amplifier to the drivers…

  • Internal Wiring, for the following models (pair):
    • Duet15
    • Trio15 with Horn1 or Voxativ Center Drivers
    • Trio15 with Coax10 Center Driver
    • Quintet15 with Horn1 or Voxativ Center Drivers
    • Quintet15 with Coax10 Center Driver
    • Quintet10
  • Speaker Cables, with Fidelium Spades (amp to speakers, pair):
    • 4′ / 1.2m
    • 6′ / 1.8m
    • 8′ / 2.4m
    • 10′ / 3m

More About Fidelium Cables (from Silversmith website)


Fidelium foils are a single, ultra-thin ribbon conductor per polarity, seamless from end to end and without traditional, sound-degrading soldered, welded, or crimped connectors. Every foil is individually laminated in an extremely thin, yet rugged, polyimide film in order to achieve a geometry with a primarily air dielectric.

The FIDELIUM speaker cable, already at less than a thousandth of an inch thick, performs as if it were 5.5 times thinner, thus experiencing less frequency dependent attenuation and phase distortion than even a .00018 inch thick copper or silver ribbon or 64 gauge wire.

Each FIDELIUM cable is 2.25 inches wide.  The conductive surface is a .75 inch square with a .25 inch wide notch compatible with most binding posts.

Internal Wiring Options (choose your speakers model)

Duet15, Trio15 (Horn1 or Voxativ), Trio15 Coax10, Quintet15 (Horn1 or Voxativ), Quintet15 (Coax10), Quintet10, Speaker Cable Only

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