Music Odyssey to the East

Vinyl LP, 43min of Musical Dreamland

True love to music and audio is what drove us to produce this unique LP and to add it to our offering.
This LP is a reflection of our audio journey to China that we share with you all thru music.

  • Audiophile grade recording
  • 180gr, pressed at Pallas Germany
  • All LPs are individually numbered
  • Shipping anywhere in the world is included in price


About 'Music Odyssey' LP

The story of this LP starts back in 2015, when we made our first audio show in China, in the south coast city, Shantou. Since then so many things happened while our activity in China was not really shared on our web nor on western social media. Chinese people do not use Google, FB or WhatsApp. They mostly use WeChat. Majority of our customers in China do not speak or write English, do not post their impressions online, and communication and dealing with them was made possible by Rachel Zhang from Grant Fidelity, who ran our China operation since 2015.

Along our ‘journey’ in China we met so many wonderful music and audio enthusiasts, industry professionals, many of who are now using our speakers, whether for their personal joy or their professional use. Among the owners of our speakers are companies like PSVANE, Line Magnetic, Opera Consonance, Yaqin and few more, with whom we were also honoured to make many local audio shows…

One of the most enlightening meetings we experienced was with the eclectic label, Rhymoi Music. This meeting needed no common language.  Music talked and connected souls and the Odyssey – China LP draws track by rack the musical dreamland this meeting grew into…
I personally spent few good years managing a local major music label that was also the licensee of Sony/BMG, EMI, Naive, Ministry of Sound and other indie labels, so compilations are not new for me. The tracks on this LP were carefully chosen. They are ‘friendly’ to western ears while being authentic and loyal to the musical tradition they represent, all recorded, mastered and pressed to the highest audiophile level.
The LP liner notes tell the full story but a special thanks for bringing this project to a true audiophile peak goes to Furnace Records Prssing who cut and pressed this LP.
We met with Eric Astor, the President of Furnace Records when showing with VPI Industries at Capital Audiofest in 2018. Later on Furnace Records purchased our Trio15 Horn1 for their showroom so doors for this LP project have been opened. To provide top-end sonic experience, Eric suggested their top quality pressing plant in Germany, Schallplattenfabrik Pallas GmbH for this task. The press is true audiophile grade, dead quiet, with the tiniest musical nuances coming to life as the record spins !
Last but not least… This project is not a typical  commercial-act of a loudspeakers company. It is more of a sharing of our own unique musical and audio journey with all of you. Spin it, and enjoy this musical journey to the East…


Feedback and Reviews


“Ze’ev, I consider myself extremely knowledgeable when it comes to all things music. I’ve played stringed instruments since age five, pretty much anything tuned in fourths or fifths. I’ve been behind the glass and engineered hundreds of recording sessions. I’ve been a record collector and audiophile for as long as I can remember. So, when I first saw your LP, I thought “Hmm, Chinese music. I’ve heard Chinese opera and it’s just not my thing, but let’s give it a spin”.
Well, I was completely and utterly blown away. Side one was just beautiful and when the tune from The Snow Lotus concluded, I was practically in tears. Side two was even better. I cannot tell you how pleasantly surprised I was by those recordings, both from a musical and fidelity perspective. Just wonderful, so thank you again.”
Quintet15 Customer, USA


“an incredible sampler of traditional folk music as well as modern symphonic works that seems to build upon that fundamental love I have for this music. In a way, Music Odyssey might be the perfect entry point into Chinese music for just about anyone–especially audiophiles…”
“This is lush and beautiful music that seems culled from the some historical epic about Europeans visiting the Chinese mainland in the late 18th century”…,”that’s what I imagine when I’m listening to this exquisite album. I see the images, in rich colors, moving across the screen, and I am swept away for a few hours (or in this case, 43 minutes)…”, “extreme care and love not only produces a great-sounding LP, but one that is so free from recording artifacts that you begin to hear deeper into the performance than usual…Furnace Records deserve all the credit in the world for coming up with such an amazing pressing, one so quiet and pristine”

Marc Philip, PartTimeAudiohile Complete Review


From Part Time Audiophile review of the Gem Dandy Polytable Signature Turntable



Over the last few analog reviews, I’ve gravitated toward using a particular LP as an ultimate reference: PureAudio Project’s Music Odyssey—China. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed it, and on a lark it was brought back into the rotation and now I’m just astonished by its beauty and its sound. I’ve discussed my growing obsession with Chinese music before, and this album—a remastered selection of tracks from Rhymoi Music—seems to be an unusually apt summary of what I specifically love about these musical genres.

‘Music Odyssey China’ has become a vital evaluation tool for me over the last few weeks, especially with all of the changes that have been going on in my system. It’s a touchstone recording, a way to zero in on each change. On the GEM Dandy PolyTable Signature, the clarity of the timbres of the various traditional Chinese string instruments was remarkable, with the physical movements of the strings and the fingers stepping ever so closer to the listener. Here’s what I heard that I haven’t heard before—the sound of a string moving in space, nearer to the wooden bodies of the instruments.

‘Movement, as in the finger pushing the string into the fretboard’. No more than a millimeter in space. I swore I could see it. It was eerie, and I’ll never forget that sensation. The music was always alive with movement in space.

The GEM Dandy always had the poise so I could hear those little sounds, the swift feeling of air swirling, an individual texture that you don’t often hear unless you’re listening to a much more expensive analog set-up. It was a master of detail only because it was so unperturbed, so determined to get the job right.”

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Liner Notes


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