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  • Quintet15 are Open Baffle Speakers for medium to ‘any-size’ rooms.
  • Quintet15 features our proprietary 15″ woofers, center drivers and crossovers.
  • Quintet15 speakers are shipped in several shipments, all flat packed.
  • Assembly is a breeze requiring only an allen (hex) key and a phillips screwdriver.

Content Shipped

  • Bases and Side Brackets
  • Baffles
  • OB-A15-SEN (NEO) Woofers
  • One of the following Center Drivers: Coax10, Horn1, Voxativ AC-1.6, AC-PiFe, AC-X
  • Quintet15 with Horn1 and all Voxativ drivers come with the modular first order ‘Thrier Crossover’
  • Quintet15 with Coax10 comes with a dedicated three way fourth order crossover
  • Aluminum Feet
  • Badges
  • HW for Assembly
  • Grilles for Woofers (optional)
  • IsoAcoustics Gaia I Feet (optional)
Center Driver

w/ Horn1, w/ Voxativ AC-1.6, w/ Voxativ AC-PiFE, w/ Voxativ AC-X (Field Coil), w/ Coax10

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