Analog Sound™ and PureAudioProject

While Line Magnetic is using PureAudioProject speakers since 2015 at their premises in Zhuhai and at shows in China, it was in June 2019 that ‘Analog Sound™’, a sister company of Line Magnetic from Foshan, invited us to participate at two shows with them and to bring along two of our speakers sets, the Trio15 and the Quintet10. Analog Sound™ is a very unique company, offering amps that pay tribute to Western Electric and are designed to highest and most updated sonic grade.

The trigger for the invitation was an after-hours listening session at our showroom in Dalian, where we had our Trio15 with Voxativ AC-X (Field Coil) and our Quintet10 with Voxativ AC-1.6. Mr. Qian from Analog Sound™ brought their AS125 Integrated Tube Amp, with 211 output tubes. The 50kg amp was placed on a small hotel table, cables were connected, and play was pressed on the ‘The Fateful Moment’ from ‘Three Kingdoms’, an album by Rhymoi Music. Chinese trumpets and drums made their opening and all who were in the room, including myself, simply froze…

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I don’t remember myself being so surprised by what I heard. Sonic mass was unprecedented. Trumpets sounded full body like never before on our speakers. Music felt so natural and realistic that we all stood there… music kept playing… while we were simply left speechless!

“We have two audio shows coming in Beijing, in June and in October” said, Mr. Qian, “would you like to join us?”…

Well… the match between the AS125 and our Trio15 was so good that I didn’t have to think twice. “YES ! We would love to do that !” was our immediate reply.

The first show was two weeks ahead so speakers were packed and instead of being shipped to our warehouse they were sent to the show in Beijing.

These were not only Analog Sound™ and us who enjoyed the match between the AS125 and PureAudioProject speakers. Quite few customers use this combination to their full satisfaction and here are few photos.


Ze’ev (Wolf) Schlik








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