PureAudioProject Rooms at AXPONA 2023

Room #1602 (main room)

Room Partner: Pass Laboratories

Trio15 w/ Coax10 / Quintet15 w/ Coax10

PassLabs INT-25 Integrated Amp and SP-17 Phono Pre Amp

VPI Industries: Scout Turntable

DENAFRIPS: Terminator Plus R2R DAC

Aurender: N-200 Music Server

Room #690 (LTA Room)

Linear Tube Audio Ultralinear+ Integrated Amplifier

PureAudioProject Duet15 Prelude open baffle speakers

Linear Tube Audio Pre-production Protoype DAC

Innuos ZEN Mk3 Server

ANTICABLES speaker wire, interconnects, and power cords

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