Custom Quartet15 with AER and Mundorf AMT in Moscow


  • 3 x PAP OB-A15Neo, 15″ Open Baffle Woofers
  • AER BD1 Full Range Driver
  • Mundorf AMT23D6.1 AMT Tweeter
  • First Order (Thrier) Crossover, winsol crazybulks winstrol without the adverse side effects Trio15 AER BD1
  • Available upon request
  • Baffles Type/Finishing: German Oak or Piano White or Black
  • Prices excl. VAT and Shipping

Here is a custom build for a customer in Moscow who specifically requested to use the AER BD1 full range driver and the Mundorf AMT Tweeter for more refined highs… and also to add one woofer as a sub channel for Home Theatre.
Challenge was taken and after a long time it took to complete the design and solve some logistics issues, the decision was to take the opportunity and to fly over to Moscow, to assemble the set together with the customer. Sunny weather forecast and a hotel just at the entrance to the Kremlin was simply perfect for a weekend in Moscow 🙂

Well… the set consists a Trio15 with our Leonids XO voiced for the AER and it has two options. To bypass the L2 and then the Mundorf AMT will not be needed, or to use a small coil as L2 (on the Leonidas) and than to add the Mundorf AMT with one cap and one resistor in serial… That’s it !

Both options are now open for the customer to experience… alongside with components matching on the Leonidas.

The assembly took around 2 hours and once all was connected music filled the air with great authority and realism… few pictures of the customer will tell it all about how all sounds… (the extra woofer wasn’t connected yet.

Practically, we now can offer the Trio15 with AER BD1 and Leonidas XO and for those who prefer a tweeter on the smoothness of a good full range driver, the Mundorf AMT 23D6.1 was carefully chosen after testing quite few AMTs, and it is nothing less than top performer and sonic match within the Trio15 with AER Full Range Driver!

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