Quintet 15 Voxativ 1.6

Hi All PAP friends My name is Per and I come from Denmark, and I love music and hifi. I have now been the happy owner of a set PAP Quintet 15 with Voxativ 1.6AC for approx. 6mdr. I had had the Jamo R909 for many years and was very happy with this speaker, but then an opportunity came where I could buy the Quintet 15 that Zee`v had at the show in Munich. I had heard PAP before from a friend, and had been fascinated by it and the sound. I must now clearly state that I am really happy to have made this upgrade. Here I have got a speaker that clearly surpasses my previous one. Now I was not unfamiliar with the positive things from open baffle, but the PAP Quintet does it so much better, I have super bass / deep bass with good control, and the Voxativ wideband does it super, I almost feel, as if I am in the front seat of a concert every time I listen to music. Love the size of these speakers, they simply give a live feel and they play incredibly fluently. I am happy for the opportunities there are to make small changes (even for us who do not have the best technical understanding). My other gear is primarily HOLFI (Danish hifi) with batteries, CD, Preamp and Amp, almost all my cables are from Dyrholm Design Audio, which I have found as a super match.

P.N.N., Denmark


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