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Made in the US and the EU and shipped directly to our customers

The Quintet10 Open Baffle Speakers offer a true ‘wall of sound’ music experience in medium size, and even small rooms.

With it’s four 10″ tightly-controlled custom Open Baffle Woofers and top grade center drivers, the Quintet10 excels with speed, accuracy and refinement while music sounds open, natural, and emotionally involving to an addicting level.

Whether a string quartet, a full-scale orchestra, a grand piano, vocals, a jazz band, a rock band, or an electronic project, the Quintet10 plays with the ease and full authority.

“Of course, I write audio articles that stay away from such preciousness, but I will say that the PureAudioProject Quintet10 speakers inspired some unusually flowery musings in my listening notes, as well as a certain frustration with capturing their essence in words…”

Rogier Van Bakel


For realistic and no-fatigue music experience


10″ woofres


For reliable music reproduction and overall seamless sonic blend


Quintet10 chassis features the Quintet10 frames, baffles, our proprietary 10” woofers and our Thrier Crossovers.

Quintet10 sensitivity is 89db and it will play well with a wide variety of amplifiers including powerful tube amps, Solid State (Class A or AB), and Class-D amps

With two different center drivers that are mounted on the same baffle, you can experience the magic of a top-grade horn or a full-range driver. All is a subject to your personal sonic preference!

Quintet10 presents superb clarity and resolution, with a solid, warm, and realistic sound that will never cause any sonic fatigue.

Eight fast dedicated 10” woofers move air to an extent where the Quintet10 plays effortlessly, bringing to live all the inner musical layers and nuances, at any volume level, and with any genre.

Though the sonic signature of the Quintet10 feel like ‘part of the PureAudioProject family’, it has it’s unique sonic touch. No better or worse here, all is a subject to your room size and your personal taste and preference.


Though the overall music experience with the different center drivers is quite similar, every driver highlights specific sonic features reflected by it’s build and technology.

Choose the center driver to match your sonic/music DNA, your room acoustics and your favorite audio gear.

Horn 2

Features the same type of compression driver as the one used in our raved Trio15 and Quintet15 Horn1.

PAP-Horn2 was designed specifically for our Quintet10, and it brings all the energy, dynamics, resolution, and speed that great horn drivers are known for, while at the same time it sounds soft and smooth, with no typical ‘horn harshness’ whatsoever.

The Horn2 mounts on the same baffle as the Voxativ driver.

“Great as these speakers sounded at Hickman’s house, I was still expecting that pinched horn sound. None is present in the Trios – zero.

Hours pass by and on many occasions, what begins as an afternoon listening session, lingers far into the night hours – even with daylight saving time in full effect. A wide range of music proves highly engaging and exposes no flaws in the Trios. They play everything you can imagine with ease.

Enjoyable as these speakers are, you need to hear them. Their clear, dynamic sound reminds me of so many aspects of other speakers that I truly love. They disappear in the room and provide pinpoint imaging when required like a great mini monitor, yet, they paint a vast, diffuse landscape like my Magnepan Tympanis, all the while, having the sheer sonic punch of the Klipsch LaScalas.

Jeff Dorgey, ToneAudio Magazine

Full range drivers are known for their rich, organic and musically engaging presentation. Being built with one motor (magnet system) and one membrane, there is no shift in phase nor in sonic signature all the way from the low mids to the very highs. Also, there is no need to cross two drivers with different sonic signatures in a critical listening frequency zone.

Over the years Voxativ full range drivers won their position as the ‘gold standard’ among full range drivers, and their AC-1.6 is just a perfect match with Quintet10 design.

Voxativ AC-1.6

Full Range driver, with ferrite motor and light Japanese paper cone.

The AC-1.6 makes the Quinet10 sound a bit more laid back compared to the one with Horn2, though the clarity, the depth and the sense of presence are superb.

Due to its extreme light cone, the AC-1.6 outshines with complex music passages

Mounts on the same baffle as the PAP-Horn2


With years of experience and customers in different climate environments, we have narrowed our baffle materials to three types that excel to perform even in high vibrations scenarios, 3/4” High Density Fiberboards (or Plywood), 3/4” three layers Bamboo or Wood sheets, 7/8” genuine German Oak (with anti-vibration inserts).

Their unique finishing will compliment their music performances, and both will blend naturally with the life-style of your room, your office, or your cave

HDF/Plywood baffles are finished to matte or gloss, while Bamboo and wood baffles are cut to maintain the grain along the speakers and are oiled.
In addition, for desired custom finishes, please contact us for an offer and a quote.

German Oak

Our genuine German Oak baffles are cut from long pieces of wood and numbered to maintain wood original grain.

They are handcrafted with a unique 3/7″ (1cm) deep insertion for extended strength and anti-vibration; smoked and oiled to the selected finishing;… all per order by Holzbodenmanufaktur in south Germany.




These unique 10″ woofers were designed specifically for PureAudioProject by Morel. In their original form they present a sweet and natural mid, while they were modified  to play deep, clear and physically feel-able bass in open baffle environment.


Quintet10 w/ Voxativ AC-1.6 comes with our first order  Thrier passive crossovers, with audiophile grade components mounted with a screwdriver on gold screw terminals. This allows you to swap and evaluate various brands, types, and even values of capacitors and resistors, to enjoy the process, and if needed to fine tune your speakers to your personal sonic preference, your room and your favorite audio gear.

Quintet10 w/ Horn2 comes with a unique point fully-upgraded and pre built point crossover.


Watch customer’s Quintet10 Voxativ YouTube video

See and hear the Quintet10 Horn2 at Florida Audio Show 2020 (recorded with an iPhone)
One night, in a frenzy of unplanned eclecticism, I jumped around according to the whim of the moment, from Duke Ellington to the Dukes of Stratosphear, from Los Lobos to Los Cubanos Postizos, from John Prine to John Lurie. Soon, I was beyond listening for anything veiled or forward or smeary or bright. Apologies for my dereliction of duty, but I got so busy enjoying all that sonic art that the scribbling stopped and the grinning and toe-tapping took over. To hell with the review, my I’d said — and when you think about it, that’s a seriously big compliment for the speakers. On and on the musical trip went. Paquito d’Rivera. Bonnie Raitt. Susana Baca. Bill Frisell. Blood Orange. Kansas Smitty’s. Fantastic Negrito. The Punch Brothers. Renaud Garcia-Fons. Lil Peep. Black Uhuru. Melody Gardot. John Martyn. All thoroughly enjoyable.The Quintets sounded pristine when cleanness was called for, and appropriately dirty when grittiness demanded prominence.”,
“Hi Ze’ev, recently I moved to another house, bless to have a bigger listening room, 3.5x 5.8m, almost doubling in size. I am now able to place the speaker further away from the wall. This speakers is capable of performing at a higher level when given sufficient space to breath. It throws a room filling soundstage. Over the years, I have tried many box speakers of varying sizes in my listening room. None sounded right, especially the bass response, it’s always out of control and difficult to tame. Every speakers responded differently in the same room…”
“The Quintet 10 transformed my listening experience entirely, in a good way. I enjoy the beautiful and openness in the mid and high from the Vox PiFe driver, the woofers not only delivering satisfying clean and tight bass, but has also enhance the vocal range of the PiFe. Driver and woofers are beautifully integrated and complemented each other superbly. Soundstage is wide and deep and 3D. If I have use an analogy to describe the difference between the ——- speaker and Quintet 10. The ——- is a nice and flavourful piece of steak, the Quintet 10 has the appropriate amount of added marbling to the steak. The enhancement elevate the overall experience to another level.”,
CY. W., Customer, Singapore
“Dear Ze’ev, I met you at the NY Audio Show and was extremely impressed with the speakers you were showing (Quintet10 Voxativ)… I love unusual designs that produce the breath taking sound of your design.  Keep up the good work the speakers looked amazing and sounded wonderful…”,
Visitor at NY Audio Show 2019
“Ze’ev, I have over 80 hours on my speakers, and so far am very pleased with them. There is an overall openness to the sound of well-recorded music that I have rarely heard with other speakers.”
Customer, US

“Have to wire them now. The baffles came out amazing. Sweet design. They look like Ferraris! You’re right. No subs needed. Lovely speakers Zeev. The finish and build quality and design are fresh modern and sound amazing. Nice work!”

Customer, US

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  • Sensitivity: 89db (in a typical room)
  • Nominal Impedance: 8ohm
  • Frequency Range in a Typical Room: 39hz to 20khz
  • Low Frequency can reach 29hz (depending on the room)
  • Woofers: OB-M10EXT, 10″
  • Interconnect Cables: Klotz Audio Cables
  • Weight: ~32kg
  • Size: Height: 5.25′ / 160cm, Width: 16.5″ / 42cm, Depth: 11.4″ / 29cm


All Duet15, Trio15* and Quintet15 speakers are shipped flat packed in a disassembled form.

Assembly is breeze simple and the only tools needed are an Allen key (for the speakers) and a screwdriver (for the crossover).

(*) – For Trio15 we have also designed a unique out-of-the-box, ready-made Open Baffle Enclosure, the Trio15 Classic

All components are made in the USA and Europe, sold and shipped directly to our customers.

The Trio10 w/HeilAMT 

Incredible for smaller spaces.


The chassis of this Trio10 is the bottom part of our Quintet10, rigid and robust. The woofers are Morel’s classic field proven 10″ bass/mid drivers, modified and manufactured exclusively for PureAudioProject Open Baffle Speakers; and with our first order series topology crossover (the Thrier), all blend seamlessly with the legendary, true dipole, life-like sounding Heil AMT.

Explore the Trio10 w/ HeilAMT