Quintet10 Voxativ

“Hi Ze’ev, recently I moved to another house, bless to have a bigger listening room, 3.5x 5.8m, almost doubling in size. I am now able to place the speaker further away from the wall. This speakers is capable of performing at a higher level when given sufficient space to breath. It throws a room filling soundstage. Over the years, I have tried many box speakers of varying sizes in my listening room. None sounded right, especially the bass response, it’s always out of control and difficult to tame. Every speakers responded differently in the same room.

Prior to taking a plunge on PAP without having a chance to audition, I had a ——- on loan. I loved it’s full range driver, probably the most open sounding speaker I have come across. I still didn’t pull the trigger because for the lack of bass, bright recording can sound shouty and lead to aural fatigue after long hour of listening.

The Quintet 10 transformed my listening experience entirely, in a good way. I enjoy the beautiful and openness in the mid and high from the Vox PiFe driver, the woofers not only delivering satisfying clean and tight bass, but has also enhance the vocal range of the PiFe. Driver and woofers are beautifully integrated and complemented each other superbly. Soundstage is wide and deep and 3D. If I have use an analogy to describe the difference between the ——- speaker and Quintet 10. The ——- is a nice and flavourful piece of steak, the Quintet 10 has the appropriate amount of added marbling to the steak. The enhancement elevate the overall experience to another level.”

CY. W., Singapore

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