New to the PAP Community. New owner of the Quintet 15’s featuring the Voxative AC 1.6 in German oak Coffee finish. These are replacing my Martin Logan Monolith iii’s of 21 years. So far I have been very happy with these speakers. The bass is as tight as a cats ****! Drums are now punchy and alive as well as the whole bass band. Mids and Highs are flawless and detailed. The Logans had a slightly better soundstage but the highs were smeared and anything produced by the bass driver was mud. I’m discovering as these are breaking in that everything afore mentioned just keeps getting better and I keep needing to dial back the sub and it is really now only responsible for its original purpose of filling the really low under 35Hz requirements which is just feel and presence anyway. I’m running AntiCables speaker wire from my Krell FPB 350mc amps to drivers. Front end is my Mytek Manhattan II DAC/preamp with streaming card and Tidal Subscription. Tweaks: I would entertain running air coils or foils in place of the 8.2 mh ferrite core that was shipped with the crossover. I’m waiting on the Mundorf Silver Gold caps to arrive. Still would be interested in trying the Coax 10 and PiFe drivers and the AC 2.6 featuring the neodium magnet. I have been listening to the music of the groups discussions. Thanks for sharing.


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