Quintet15 Horn1

I lived with Martin Logan Montis for 5 full years… delighted with some aspects of their performance, yet, troubled by other unsatisfied aspects lacking in their performance.
Specifically, the fullness of a double bass and a bass kick drum just seemed inadequate. And this was frustrated further by an overall lack of dynamics. And, the “sweet spot” for listening was about as minimal as imaginable… I could literally move 4-6 inches in either direction and the sound stage was drastically affected in a negative way.
There was always a feeling that this was just not an adequate quality of musical reproduction that was satisfying. Not at all!
When I made a change from a 45 wpc KT88 to an 8 wpc SET 300B, the sound improved, but it was still missing the same things as it did before the change.
I was fortunate to have asked Rachel at Grant Fidelity (who imports high quality tubes, and knows her stuff!) what speakers could she recommend that would match well with 8 watts of SET 300B amplification and deliver the things I was missing. Rachel had NO hesitation that what would satisfy my expectations and make me happy, would be the PureAudio Project speakers that she was extremely familiar with, having collaborated at numerous audio shows with Ze’ev.
After consulting with Ze’ev on the choice of model best suited to my room, amplification, musical taste and listening habits, the PureAudioProject Quintet 15Horn1 delivered all that the ML Montis did and everything that they were lacking.
What I love about these speakers, is that I can listen to the music I love at very modest (low) listening levels and still hear and feel the dynamics from the double bass and the kick drum that was no longer missing. And vastly better dynamics! The horn is thrilling! Bigger sound stage, totally wider “sweet spot” area! Better articulation … I can hear the shimmer of the cymbals that my old ears never heard before.
This combination of speakers and amplifier (Coincident Frankenstein MK II 300b) is everything I could hope for… I’m astounded every time I sit down and listen to the music I love!
As far as speakers and amplifiers go, I’m done!
PS. I can crank up rock material to “scary” sound pressure levels and the PAP horns sound terrific… not harsh at all… like live music sounds. And the 8 15’s… what fo you think THEY can deliver? Take a guess.
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