Quintet15 Horn1 or Voxativ ?

Here is an email from a customer referring to his debate about Quintet15; Horn1 or Voxativ AC-1.6 ?

Hi Ze’ev!

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my Quintets, with both Horn1 and Voxativ 1.6, for nearly a year and a half now. I switch out the Horn1 with Voxativ 1.6 every two to three months just because I can. I wish I could decide which I like best, but because they’re so different, I can’t definitively choose a winner. As you know, both versions are special in their own right.
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For decades I have been reading reviewers who are able to listen very deeply into recordings, to the point that they are able to talk in great detail about identifying instrument brands, string types, specific microphones, order cheap accutane microphone and performer positioning, etc., etc. etc. Though my goal has always been to have a stereo system that plays beautiful music, I have finally put together a system that also allows me to easily hear and discuss these minute technical details, and it’s so much fun! Oh, and it also makes incredibly beautiful music! Neither my Klipschorns, my Big Lowther horns, nor my Zu Audio Definitions anchored my system with the power, authority, grace, detail, and beauty that the Quintets do, even though all three of these large speakers retail at a significantly higher price than the Quintets. If it’s not obvious, I’ll state it outright—I love these Quintets and what they have done for my listening hobby!


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