Quintet15 in an Outpouring Bottle Shop in Seattle

If you are in Seattle area don’t miss this place !
This is our second business installation with the raved Quintet15 featuring a custom frame that was designed for hanging in bars, lounges…
The center driver is TB W-1808 that is a perfect match in these kind of applications…!
If you visit Seattle, VISIT THIS PLACE and send us photos 😉👍🙏
Outpouring Bottle Shop
6400 24th Ave NW
Seattle Wa 98107
+1 206-782-0280

Quotes from Chris Chesnutt (the owner) emails:

“The quintets work so well in the space. The combination of the sound treatment I did and the quintet’s ability to fill the space with sound at low volumes is key. They get lots of comments and questions from my customers. Had my public opening last night and it was great”
“Hey Ze’ev, Outpouring is basically a beer and wine bar with a killer to-go (bottles and cans) selection. There are no TVs, aside from the digital menus. The space is acoustically treated pretty well. We spin Vinyl at all but the busiest times. It’s a place to relax and enjoy a beverage with friends- music and conversation.
Folks comment on the Quintets quite often, not only because they’re visually impressive but because they (along with the acoustic treatment I’ve put in place) achieve my goal of filling the space with music while not seeming loud. I tell people it’s my understanding that large drivers move more air at lower volume, but I have no science to back that up 🙂
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