Quintet15 Voxativ 1.6

Hi there.
This setup is situated in Oostzaan, The Netherlands.
it’s the PAP quintet 15 with Voxativ 1.6.
I started with the trio15 tangband a couple of years ago.
At first with pass labs mono’s but that sounded too harsh. So I followed Ze’ev’s example and installed some psvane’s tube amps. This resulted in a very nice soundstage.
After I moved to a slightly bigger house I wanted my PAP’s to grow as well.
Ze’ev made me a nice offer and in the end installed the quintet’s in person in my living room.
My room was filled with hifi gear and after one very warm summer I decided to change my amps since those tubes really increased the room temperature.
I had a few integrated solid state amps over for testing (Naim, McIntosh, Luxman, Mark Levinson, and at last the Accuphase E650.
The latter was an instant hit! This was the sound I have been looking for.
The streamer is the Aurender N100 and the DAC is the Meitner MA1 vs 2.
Turntable acoustic solid one to one
Interlinks John van Gent, Powercords NBS and Ansuz.
Is this the end of my hifi quest…….. nah don’t think so.

K.V.K., Netherlands

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