Quintet15 Voxativ (Ac-1.6) at one of our first customers in NL who started with our first version of Trio15TB, upgraded the woofers to the OB-A15NEO and thereafter upgraded to Quintet15 Voxativ

From WhatsApp: “Final position. My 6 mtrs cable has arrivéd and now the heat is on. I love the quintets!”

Kees, Netherlands

This set played at X-Fi (see the feedback below).

Show visitor at X-Fi 2019 Netherlands
Again, while visiting the 2018 X-FI show, after visiting a lot of different rooms, the Pure Audio Project room was the most impressive one. Two years ago, this was my my favourite even not being an open baffle enthusiast for years. This time visiting the show, I brought my girlfriend. She has no audio reference whatsoever. But she liked the Goldmund room and the B&W 800 series. But it took her 3 seconds after the the needle dropped on the VPI player to look at me pleasantly surprised and listened to different music for 20 minutes. I again enjoyed it very much. The transparency, the ease of reproduction and listening, the natural sound without the synthetic highs or lows was very impressing and fun to listen to. Thank you Ze’ev and keep up the good work! Winner of the 2018 show in my opinion.

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