Quintet15 Voxativ AC-1.6

OK… I think I have arrived at near perfection here. It is like I lifted a veil from my ears. Everything is flowing effortlessly, timing is spot on and the little bit of grain in vocals before is now gone completely. The soundstage is larger and blended well yet tiny details of vocals and instruments seem to be resting right near my ears. Everything is balanced, out of the way and effortless. I know these might still improve with a little bit of break-in but I think this combination with my room and system is spot on. My amps really are good with these speakers. I think at this point I will pass on trying out the Coax option. The crossover is complex and a lot more components are going to be in the signal path. The simple 2 way thrier crossover is definitely an advantage. My goal is to run the PiFe driver in my setup and call it good. I assume these would be an improvement to an already nice configuration. Would there need to be any mods to the crossover? What is your opinion on sound? Is voicing similar to the AC-1.6 drivers?

~David Moore

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