Rent a set of speakers, experience them, decide what is your next move, and keep them until your new set is ready to ship.

About the Experience Program

Due to our unique direct sales and supply model, almost all our customers purchased their speakers without hearing them, and to date we proudly score an unprecedented return rate, that is almost zero. Three returns in more than nine years of operation.

However, we are aware of the fact that as we reach larger audience circles, some of our potential customers won’t give up on hearing the speakers prior to ‘pulling the trigger’.

The two common options for customers to audition speakers are 1) hearing speakers at dealers and 2) hearing them at audio shows. Had we worked with dealers the price of the speakers was at least double, and audio shows take place only few times a year and not always they are close to your home. Yes, this unfortunately is the reality in the high-end market;

Our ‘Experience Program’ addresses the need for audition at home  in a unique, simple, and cost effective way, renting! The cost of the rent is almost equal to the ‘repacking and shipping costs’ in case of a return, therefore, customers who go for rent save the hassle of unpacking and assembling, while customers who make a purchase and keep the speakers save the rent costs.

(*) – Our return policy is 30 days from receiving all items. In case of a return you will be charged 10% ‘repacking fee’ + shipping costs. We will arrange the pickup.


How the Experience Program Works ?

  • Currently available ‘Rent Model’: Duet15 w/ Voxativ AC-1.6
  • Rent Price: $750 for the first two weeks and $390 for every additional week (charged as the week starts)
  • Shipping Costs in the USA, $380 (both ways)
  • For Shipping Costs outside the USA see ‘Configuration and Buy Now’
  • Also, we will collect a deposit of 80% of the speakers value. This deposit will be returned to you at the end of the rent, or, in case of a purchase it will serve as a down payment

You submit for the rent one of our ‘rent sets’ will be shipped to you in dedicated boxes. All drivers and crossovers are mounted and you only need to connect the the bases to speakers body with 6 bolts and an Alen key. You then can start playing the speakers.

Once you decide to make a purchase, the rented speakers will stay at your place until you receive your new set. During this waiting time you won’t be charged for renting. Renting charges stop once purchase order is placed.

Once you receive the set you purchased, the rented speakers will be put by you into their dedicated boxes and we will arrange a pick up back to us, or to the next customer.

Experience Program Major Benefits

The renting costs are just a fraction of what speakers would have costed if we had implemented a dealership model. The savings are yours!

You can experience our speakers at your home, with your audio gear, with no time limit of a typical audition

You can experience how speakers sound for you over longer period of time and long listening sessions. This is a critical point because real-life music sessions at home are totally different from a demo or an A/B test. The second focuses on immediate impression and single sonic elements, while during a normal music listening we are just enjoying music and can feel the emotional impact, fatigue and more elements over longer time, in our natural environment..

Submit to the Experience Program

To proceed with your submission, please fill the below Contact Form and we will get back to you with details about availability and relevant time line.


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