Retirement Program !

[av_gallery ids=’6635,6632,6631′ style=’thumbnails’ preview_size=’portfolio’ crop_big_preview_thumbnail=’avia-gallery-big-crop-thumb’ thumb_size=’portfolio’ columns=’5′ imagelink=’lightbox’ lazyload=’avia_lazyload’] [av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] Around a year + ago a very nice gentlemen purchased our Frame Kit and stated that he is about to retire and plans to have great time experiment various configurations on our platform 🙂 Finally we got few pictures and the following mail. Pleasure to share !!!

“My listening room is very small so I wanted a minimal visual impact. .70” plexiglass fit the bill. It makes the OB’s “nearly” invisible and provides excellent damping.
I am using;
Altec 416 8C 8ohm from Plains Audio
Lowther DX4 8 ohm copper
Nelson Pass First Watt B5 crossover @ 150 hz 12db per octave
Each woofer has its own 75 WRMS amp to play with.
All drivers are 97dB/watt efficiency so it a reasonable match.

As you can see, I have lots to “play with” I left the Trio stands configured as spec to allow playing with different woofers and widebanders. I my try another crossover for three way to a Heil AMT or VIsiton Supertweeter horn.

How do they sound? Nothing short of spectacular. I hate nonmeaningful audio jargon so Ill limit it to what I think viagra no prescription next day delivery makes sense. They have a glorious wide and deep sound stage. They remind me of some electrostatics I built years ago with amazing three dimensional presence. They have a wide sweet spot. After balancing the driver output on the crossover (minus 2dB to the Lowthers) the sound is very balanced, no shout at all. I did engage a 3dB baffle step correction at 250 Hz. I have yet to run a spectral curve but my iPhone with SignalScopePro reports about 3dBdown at 40 Hz. Must test this formally especially around crossover point. Everything sounds great but female vocalists, and instrumental pieces are heavenly. Japanese drums are realistic, satisfying but no chest rattling 20-30 hz sound( ok with me ). The sound is precise, fast, detailed without being overly analytical like electrostatics. My wife loves the sound but “why are they so big? “ They get a C for Wife approval factor.  🙂

My next step is to try my custom Lowther PMA’s with electromagnets.

Thanks for your nice product. I was afraid it might not be stable structurally but it really is.”

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