John Wiese

Profoundly unexpected …

Well, I have passed the half way point of my Trio-Classic break-in period and have started forming an opinion of the speakers. As one would expect with a speaker in this class it is remarkable. What has blown me away most is how astonishing the Classic’s are for movies! I am a tech-geek, I love my technology, hi-fi and big screen TVs. My speaker usage is 51% listening to music, 49% listening to action packed movies with great soundtracks. Until the Classic’s arrived I’ve always used a subwoofer and large B&W centre channel with +4db boost for dialog, otherwise the narrative gets lost in the sound effects (a compromise as the B&W is clinical, great for dialog but never matching whatever warmer speaker I paired it with).
For fun a week after the Classic’s arrived I turned off the subwoofer and centre channel, using ‘phantom’ centre mode instead (which has never worked for other speakers). OMG…crystal clear dialog that blended perfectly with everything on-screen…..and the beautiful bass that everyone prior has spoken about…heaven.
As a fair test, I waited another two weeks before running my favourite movie sub-woofer test…this time no subwoofer…only the Classic’s in play. Called my son in, turned up the volume, put on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and we waited for the scene where ‘Elizabeth Swann’ falls into the ocean from the city wall. When submerged her gold medallion puts out a deep-bass-pulse effect. We sat in disbelief as that pulse travelled from the screen literally into our bodies. Profoundly unexpected.
Endnote: my son has now inherited my old speakers and subwoofer…I will post an impression of the Classic’s musicality after the break-in period has finished.
Enjoying your work Ze’ev & Thomas.

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