I have built the set and it is all settling in with me. Took me the best part of Saturday and Sunday to get it all changed, but I have moved and re-wired everything.
Because you can’t A/B test this the ability to compare is purely subjective memory. When I switch it on I was immediately aware something was different and did not want to jump to conclusions.
I spent a bit of time listening for ‘wrong’ things, right now I am listening to some classical music and I just have to tell you how right it sounds. Really good.
If I was to put some reason to it, I think the ply prototypes had distortion due to vibration of the frames. Perhaps also the bigger baffle helps, perhaps it is because the tweet is closer to the mid, I do not know.
I do know in my mind it is perceptibly better, more complete, together and musical. Sharper detail, a bit of a bigger stage, definitely better placement.
I was listening to Verdi the other day and I could swear it was the first time the orchestra groups were in any where near the placement you would expect on a concert stage. That could have been the recording or my head, but who cares, it was good.
I have only good things to say about the results and I do not regret a thing. I wish I had an audio friend to show them off too. No one understands! Love it!
The funny thing is, often I have this music and it seems the speakers are no more part of it than the table they sit next to. It is just in the air, only sometimes does it obviously come out of one or more drivers.
The end result is really very good, thank you for your product.
Adrian T., UK
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