“attached  my 10” bf project pictures ,
it’s really my fevorite speakers ,  many thanks for pureaudio design and provide those so great speakers~~!!   吐舌頭 “
“I feel great honor if this 10” class BF project can be published this configuration as a reference customer build in the new (upcoming) web site,
but my english is not good enough, and I will try to feedback my reviews.
for Fostex model spec as below:
the two woofers : in parallel with one coil  : 4mh, first order,
Fostex : setting the L-Pad to  natural cutoff :  Not used resistance , I try to use the output transformer by “-17”db(the range is  “-2”db ~ “-20”db, see attached file)
due to my class 10”BF is still in Break-in, so I just fix  the crossover very roughly  on a MDF panel~ haha ~!!  (Pls see the attached files)”
Ben H., Taiwan
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