Thank you for joining our customers family!
Before starting assembling the speakers please make sure you fully understand the upcoming steps and have all the right parts for it. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
The assembly process is very simple and please follow the instructions below:
  • First, assemble the Crossovers so they ready before you start the assembly of the speakers. You received a PDF file with detailed instructions.
  • Please note: The values of the resistors are: Rm1- 27ohm (27R) and Rm2 5.6ohm (5R6).
  • You received few resistors types. The siege ones are hi res and the green ones are Metal Oxide and a bit more smooth… We recommend to use the beige ones and if you’d like to try the green ones you can do this later.
  • Please note that the HeilAMT comes with its own cables. Purple is PLUS and blue is MINUS. You can connect these cables to the crossover once it is mounted on frame.

Here is the summery of the assembly followed by detailed instructions:

  • Assemble the Frame
  • Mount woofers to baffles
  • Mount the HeilAMT to baffles
  • Mount the baffles to Frame
  • Mount the crossover.
  • Place the LOGO.
  • Connect the Heil AMT cables to the crossover, purple is plus and blue is minus.
  • Connect the woofers cables to the woofers, red (plus) to red and black (minus) to black.
  • Turn Volume to Zero and turn on the gear
  • Slowly raise volume and check all drivers are playing
  • Start the break in of at least 200 hours and enjoy the music !

Spikes to Base

  • Make the spikes ready for mounting. Please note that the spikes brand might vary. We use the ones on the photos or SoundCare SuperSpikes. 
  • Screw three spikes directly into the metal insert nuts at the bottom of the base. See Photo.
  • Tighten the spikes as strong as you can with your hands.
  • Once the three spikes are mounted mount the bottom side brackets to the base with three M5 Bolts that go from the bottom of the base into the side bracket. See photos for the right position of the bracket.
  • Complete mounting all four side brackets.

Side Walls (Brackets)

  • Each Side Bracket is attached to the base with three M5 bolts.
  • See that the side brackets are positioned right (as shown on the gif).
  • Tighten the side brackets to the base with three M5 bolts and washers.
  • Use Allen key and tighten the bolts quite strongly.
  • You have mounted the Side Brackets to the Base.
  • Mount the upper brackets with three M6 bolts from the side and one short M6 bolt from the back of the bracket. First insert all bolts without tightening them and thereafter tighten all four. See Photos.
  • Congrats, you completed mounting the frame.

Woofers on Baffles to Frame

  • We recommend first to mount the woofers onto the baffles, and then mount to baffles with the woofers onto the frame.
  • To mount the woofers onto the baffles use 8 x M4 bolts and serrated nuts
  • You can put the baffle on your knees and place the woofers,(starting with two bolts, so their posts will point to 8PM when looking at the baffle from the front.
  • One by one, insert the other 6 M4 bolts and tighten all of them relatively strong, but not to a level that the ring deformities.
  • Repeat this for all four baffles and woofers.
  • Once completed, you can mount the baffles with the woofers onto the frame.
  • Use 4 M6 furniture bolts (with flat heads), insert them from the front into the four drills in the corners of the baffles. Place the rubber decoders on the bots at the back side. Repeat this for all four baffles.
  • Now you can carefully mount the baffles on the frame, please note to make sure that the posts are pointing 8PB when looking at the baffles from the front (as you hold them when mounting to the frame)
  • Start with the bottom baffles.
  • Once placing and holding the baffles on the frame use the four thumb nuts and  tighten them as strong you can with your hands. Start with one of the bottom Bolts. Repeat this for all four baffles with woofers.
  • Congrats! You have mounted the baffles with the woofers onto the frame.

HeilAMT to Frame

  • First, mount the HeilAMT on the mounting plate with the two long bolts. 
  • Tighten the bolts while keeping the position of the HeilAMT as on the photos. Repeat this for both HeilAMT drivers.
  • Mount the drivers on the baffles (like you did with the woofers) with eight M5 bolts with seated nuts . Tighten the bolts strong.
  • Mount the baffles with the HeilAMT drivers to the frame like you did with the woofers. Please note that these baffles are heavy so you might need some help to mount them onto the frame and to hold them before thumb nuts are in place.
  • Congrats!

Mounting the Crossover

Use four M5 bolts and place the small rubber decouplers on the bolts at the bottom.

Then mount the Crossover on the base so the binding posts are on the left side. Tighten the M5 bolts with your hands or lightly with an Alan Key (as seen on the video). Keep the internal cables facing the cables posts of the woofers.

Connect the long cables to the HeilAMT drivers and the MID outputs on the crossovers. Purple is plus and blue is minus.

Connect the woofers cables to the woofers. Red is plus and black is minus..short one to the woofer. Red cable to red post and black cable to black post.

Logo to Base

  • This is the final step assembling the frame.
  • Expose the adhesive by removing the paper at the back of the logo.
  • Position and place the logo at the center of the base.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully assemble the Duet15 enclosure!

Playing Music

  • Connect the speakers to your amps and slowly raise volume.
  • Make sure all drivers are playing.
  • Break in the speakers for at least 200 hours of play at any volume.