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For our 10th Anniversary we have decided to release a model that we are envisioning for quite few years, with a special focus on high power amps fans, a Trio10 with the legendary Heil AMT (Air Motion Transformer) driver.

The chassis of this Trio10 is the bottom part of our Quintet10, rigid and robust. The woofers are Morel’s classic field proven 10″ bass/mid drivers, modified and manufactured exclusively for PureAudioProject Open Baffle Speakers; and with our first order series topology crossover (the Thrier), all blend seamlessly with the legendary, true dipole, life-like sounding Heil AMT.

…and how does this Trio10 speaker sounds like?…

Well, after few good weeks of critical and casual listening, while playing any genre and various gear, one word kept coming to mind: breathtaking!… and we are confident to state that this speaker is probably one of our best sounding models to date.

Yes, so good it is. Being an 88db speaker that loves power, it sounds tight, fast, precise, and at the same time  extremely organic, with a huge soundstage and real-life physical feel of sonic-weight at any volume level. Heil AMT offers a truly unique top-notch clarity and details, while sounding full body and life-like as one, but never distracting you from the complete. Soundstage is huge with no loss whatsoever of focus, control or details.

Whatever length the music sessions are, this Trio10 is always pleasant to the ears and totally non-fatiguing, providing a music experience that is a true music, sonic, and emotional bliss

Last but not least, it’s size (16.5″x38.6″, 42x98cm) and the unique curved shape makes it a look friendly whether in a classic, modern or urban interior.


For tonal stability at any volume level, especially the low and high


For extended control and a feel of speed and life-like sonic mass


For seamless and life-like blend with the bass/mid drivers

Listening Feedback (on Facebook): “I had the opportunity to hear the new model at Ze’ev’s house today, and all I can say is, what an accomplishment! Though I’m a proud customer of the Duet15, it made me think twice about upgrading to this one. These have such a deep, powerful bass, wonderfully liquid vocals, and all the magic that this ESS AMT gives with clarity, refinement, and sparkle, as with a good planner magnetic ribbon tweeter. All that goodness comes in a compact, very sturdy design, which is a big plus I think, being one with a small listening room. The overall presentation is natural, organic, and emotionally moving, as with all PureAudioProject speakers. If you’re around for the show or in general, I highly recommend giving them a serious listen – they will amaze you.”

Steven R. Rochlin, Enjoy The Music: As for the sound, all the great accolades you’ve read over the past decade about the PureAudioProject open baffle speakers are true! And now with an AMT tweeter for the uppermost frequencies, the highs are without a doubt some of the very best I heard during FIAE 2024. With a very lifelike midrange that captivates the ear, of course, the highs are smooth, seriously fast, and clean, with the bass being tight and tuneful…”

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Trio10 w/ HeilAMT features an elegantly curved enclosure, based on the bottom part of our Quinet10. This design makes a narrow, small size Open Baffle speaker, heavy and stable enough to perform with full sonic weight in small, medium and even modestly large rooms. Typical distance from rear wall is 2′-4′, and from side walls, any.



This model loves power, what makes it a very ‘friendly’ match with many solid state, class-D and high power tubes amps. Once power and grip are there this Trio10 simply sings with full sonic-mass, punch and presence. Soundstage is huge with no loss whatsoever of focus, control or details.

More about Heil AMT, an Audio Legend

Heil Air Motion Transformer (AMT) was developed by German engineer Oskar Heil in the 1970s. The Heil AMT has gained a reputation for its unique design and performance characteristics, making it stand out in the world of audio technology.

The Heil AMT is based on a different operating principle compared to traditional dome or cone drivers. It uses a folded diaphragm that squeezes air in and out, creating a more efficient and controlled motion. This design allows for a larger diaphragm surface area in a compact space, resulting in a more responsive and detailed audio reproduction that also feels full-weight and lifelike along a wide frequency range, from the high mid at ~400hz and on.

Heil AMT is a true dipole driver that exhibits a wide dispersion pattern that is 1) a perfect match for a true Open Baffle design and music experience, plus giving the speakers the ability to maintain consistent sound quality over a broad listening area.

More about the 10″ Woofers

10″ is just the right size for a driver to do both, play deep bass and sweet midrange. Our 10″ drivers are a modified version of Morel’s legacy MW1075 driver, that won it’s timeless reputation for doing exactly this in boxed applications, and now modified to perform at best in our open baffle design.
Their Key Features are:
  • Damped polymer composite cone with a smooth transition to the rubber surround
  • Double magnet system mounted inside the voice coil (overhang), for maximum flux density
  • Large 3″ Hexatec Aluminum voice coil, for improved power handling
  • Vented pole piece allows ample amounts or air to the voice coil
  • Low profile poly cone, for improved damping characteristics
  • Sensitivity: 88db
  • Impedance: 8ohm
  • Hand crafted by Morel exclusively for PureAudioProject specifications

More about the ‘Thrier’ Passive Crossover

Just like almost all our speakers, the Trio10 w/ HeilAMT features our first-order, series short-path crossover. All components are audiophile-grade, made by Mundorf in Germany and are mounted on to golden screw terminals. Components can be easily swapped to evaluate various brands, types and even values, to enjoy the process, or to fine tune your speakers to your personal sonic preference, room acoustics and favorite audio gear.

Steve Guttenberg, the Audiophiliac, reviews the Mola Mola amps while using our Duet15 (min 07:34) and then referring in depth to the Trio10 w/ Heil AMT  (min. 08:31).

Steve Guttenberg, the Audiophiliac, reviews the Trio10 w/ Heil AMT and compares them to our Duet15!


With years of experience and customers in different climate environments, we have narrowed our baffle materials to three types that excel to perform even in high vibrations scenarios, 3/4” High Density Fiberboards (or Plywood), 3/4” three layers Bamboo or Wood sheets, 7/8” genuine German Oak (with anti-vibration inserts).

Their unique finishing will compliment their music performances, and both will blend naturally with the life-style of your room, your office, or your cave

HDF/Plywood baffles are finished to matte or gloss, while Bamboo and wood baffles are cut to maintain the grain along the speakers and are oiled.
In addition, for desired custom finishes, please contact us for an offer and a quote.

German Oak

Our genuine German Oak baffles are cut from long pieces of wood and numbered to maintain wood original grain.

They are handcrafted with a unique 3/7″ (1cm) deep insertion for extended strength and anti-vibration; smoked and oiled to the selected finishing;… all per order by Holzbodenmanufaktur in south Germany.




  • Two Way Speaker
  • Sensitivity: ~ 88db (in a typical room)
  • Nominal Impedance: 8ohm
  • Frequency Range: ~42hz to 20Khz (in a typical room)
  • Drivers: see above
  • Crossovers: First Order (-6db/oct) at ~700hz, Series Topology
  • Typical distance from rear wall: 2′-4′ (60-120cm)
  • Distance from side walls: Any
  • Size: W:16.53″ H:38.6″ D:12″, W:42cm H:98cm D:22.5cm
  • Weight: 48.5lb/22kg


The Trio10 w/ HeilAMT is shipped in a disassembled form, flat packed.

Assembly is breeze simple and the only tools needed are an Allen key (for the speakers) and a screwdriver (for the Heil AMT and the crossover).

All components are made in the USA and Europe, sold and shipped directly to our customers.

Starting at $5,990

Configuration and Purchasing Options