Trio10 Timeless

Further to my last mail to you early this month over 200 hours on the trio 10’s now and i am completely happy with the speakers they are absolutely wonderful they have now fleshed out to become a wonderful balanced speaker the bass has become tight but full the mid is very clear and along with the tweeters which are very very good i have a speaker which is providing me with superb focus and balance to my music listening choices.

The review you sent me in a previous email i think explains the speakers very well although his findings and mine will never be the same ( his listening environment is different to mine etc ) the general outcome is very similar and as you know your speakers capabilities inside out i don’t think i have to go into the details save to say i am very impressed with them and proud to own them they do everything i require from a speaker and i am shure they will only get better as i hear each time i sit down for a good listening session.

One month later:
Hi Ze’ev

I am more than happy to be part of your speaker owning group may you have ever growing success you definitely deserve it with a product this good .

I have just received my new hifi furniture today and I am going to put it in place tomorrow so if you’d like some updated pic’s I will send them to you in a day or so this will really tidy up my space and show of the speakers to the full extent J

Hope you have a great weekend

Best Regards


PS Y’know all I need now is a bigger house and I can try some more of your range 😉

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