Last night made a sidestep. A friend of mine was so intrigued by my project that he has only just ordered from pure audio project. After a few weeks, all necessary parts within the Tang Bands after. And I let it all be told now. 🙂

Exciting, you can not hesitate to call him a spoiled listener. Many speakers have been reviewed and thereby was no more or less looked at a eurootje. B & W 804 D, MartinLogan the Summit, Focal Electra, Sonus Faber Homage, Chario Ursa Major are just a few speakers who have stood in his living room. But he could never find it in one way or another.

After initially equally nice to have visited a restaurant, you could put it together from the start Trio15 TOs. Almost everything is put together by hand.

And a half hours later, this was the result

Good music! Within seconds both our mouths fell open in surprise. What a soundstage. And with what ease. The rod band is of course already anticipated, but the EA’s are fresh out of the box. Also I have heard many speakers over the years, ranging from ? 500 to ? 50,000, but these speakers are in a league of their Own. ”

We enjoyed until very late at night. No single piece of music was too much for the Trio15 and it was never tiring. “I believe that I have never had such beautiful and musical speakers” was briefly the conclusion of Kees. And if you then consider that these speakers are in the living room for under 4,000, you can only conclude that this is a tremendous value for money.

I’m glad I decided to build it after. Am very curious how they sound when they are managed actively, but if I can believe the reviews then it will only get better. On to the garage …


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